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What the hell is going RIGHT w/ me....(4 posts)

What the hell is going RIGHT w/ me....853
Jun 17, 2002 1:54 PM
I've been riding for about a Year and just started racing this year(i've only done a handful of crits and mtb races).

Anyways I am not your typical cyclist 5'10 and 235lbs. but I
have been doing realy good at keeping up w/ most of the guys
in flat rides and rolling terrain.But when it comes to the hills I'm always at the back - second to last- if I'm doing good. Well..

The last couple of weeks it's like somebody has flipped a switch in my body and I am at a totaly diffrent level know.
Last Sunday I did a Training ride which includes a 10 mile climb and about 60 to 70 riders came out(of all diffrent categories) well it started strong and i told myself to keep at the front and ride as strong as I could, soon enough
I was alone - the strong guys had taken off and my goal was to not get passed. I kept my pace and caught a group of guys that had been dropped from that fast front group. We maintained our pace and I was able to finish in the top 15!!

This past Sunday I did a diffrent training ride, this was about 50 strong and included a 5 mile climb. Well we started slow and as soon as we neared the climb the pace became very stiff (before the climb there is a stretch of false flat that is about 2 miles long before you hit the steep stuff.)So on this false flat I find myself near the front of the group that is doing about 23mph up this section
When I turn around I noticed we had opened a gap and formed a break that was 10 strong. once we hit the climb there were attacks and i told myself not to respond and just find my pace I was in eighth spot following a wheel in front of me when I realized that there was nobody else behind me. This guy could not bear to see my fat A** behind his wheel and tried to shake me several times but I kept my pace and reeled him in several times. The Top finaly came, And when I looked back to see if anybody else was on my wheel or at least near it I saw nobody. We had two minutes on the next guy. At the top of the hill I got alot of words of encouragement and handshakes for a job well done - damn did that feel good!! These guys remember when they were waiting for me to get up the hill (always towards the end) Yesterday I was waiting for them!!

What has happened? How do I keep this form?
I know the key to getting faster and at the front of these groups is to lose weight - that is happening but slowly.
I'm just happy not being last. I'm to competetive to be satisfied w/ just finishing w/them tho. Soon enough I want to beat these guys.
Not a miracleKerry
Jun 17, 2002 5:08 PM
You're getting in shape. At your height/weight, you would expect difficulty in climbing. You've been working hard, and you've taken it up another step. This can happen to anyone when they tap into their gene pool (assuming they have the right genes). You're not likely to ever crush these guys on climbs, but you should be able to stay with them. Congrats!
are you complaining? :)weiwentg
Jun 17, 2002 6:17 PM
I remember reading about this in a book on running. sometimes, right out of the blue, you will experience an epiphany. the causes are usually unknown - but consistent training is a requirement. sort of. Joan Benoit Samuelson had a stress fracture (I think) before racing in the Olympic women's marathon (I think). what I do know is that she raced beyond herself and won.
I experienced an epiphany - a minor one - just after I got back from Christmas break. I finally stopped being a wheel-sucker, and took a turn at the front, and was able to hold it pretty well. uphill and all that.
after the epiphany, you will be on a new level, cycling-wise. don't let it go to waste, eh?
How do I keep this form?brider
Jun 18, 2002 7:05 AM
Well, for one thing, don't stop doing what got you there. The weight will come off slowly, and I suspect it took longer than 2 years to gain it. Don't expect it to come off in one season. But think on this -- if you're this strong in the hills at 235 (and I have no idea how much of that is adipose), think of how you'll be at 200!