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Workout placementhayaku
Jun 16, 2002 5:08 PM
I'm in the fortunate possition of being able to workout around 10-14 times a week. However I'm not sure of how to best time my different workouts.

Should I do two hard workouts on one day so that I can take an easy day afterwards (Strength+speed or LT etc.)or would it be best to space out my hard workouts. For example, LT training in the morning with an endurance ride in the afternoon. The following day do Strength+endurance etc...

My improvements so far have been good, but of course I'm wondering if they could be better. Thanks for your help.
re: Workout placementallervite
Jun 16, 2002 9:51 PM
Genneraly it is best to space out your hard days. Remember, recovery is as important as anything. Those hard days are wasted if you do not recover from them. Two hard workouts in one day are usually a wasted because you do not fully recover from the first hard workout. Therefore, your second workout is not hard enough.