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Need suggestions on combo bike.(6 posts)

Need suggestions on combo bike.STEELYeyed
Jun 16, 2002 11:26 AM
I am just dabbling in citizen races this year and am looking for a bike that I can time trial,road race and crit on. I just turned 40 this year,and have been riding a Litespeed Arenberg 105 triple on centuries and day rides for the last 2 years,I don't want to change the LS as it is set up perfect for what I use it for,but not for racing. I realize one bike can't do everything well. Anybody using one bike for all racing?
Jun 16, 2002 11:51 AM
I had only a Giant TCR for two years and raced road, TTs, triathlons, and the occasional century. I beleive this bike is stiff enough for crits, though you should seek others opinions.
It's a responsive ride and well balanced, and although not as comfortable or as steady as my Lemond Zurich, it's faster in the sprint as well as on the climbs. Of course the two bikes are different as the giant is compact aluminium (but not too cramped) whereas the Zurich has a more relaxed geometry and is steel.
Thanks to the adjustable stem that came with the TCR, I could easily turn the bike into a flatbacked TT machince, and the bladed fork must have helped in these situations also. The carbon seat post was a plus with regards to comfort, but the aerodynamic benefits have been questioned by the likes of John Cobb.
Good luck.
Jun 16, 2002 1:05 PM
if you want one excellent RACE bike, the TCR is a great choice. GVH has the frame for a tad under $600.
other options to consider: the CAAD5, Specialized's new S-Works (although imo it's not worth the premium over the TCR), Trek's 2300 or OCLV. it depends on what fits you and what you can afford. if you can fit the TCR, that's probably your best option, but you may not like the geometery, the ride, etc.
btw, the TCR Carbon is coming out soon.
Jun 16, 2002 5:05 PM
Hey weiwentg, I was planning on buying a Giant OCR1 or a TCR2 with pure 105 Components. Which one should I buy? the OCR1 is $1,065 total, and the TCR2 is $1,300. This is my second Road bike. Both the OCR1 and TCR2 have pure 105 components
the TCR 2, I thinkweiwentg
Jun 16, 2002 5:53 PM
the TCR frame is lighter than the OCR frame - different aluminum. I think the fork is better - the OCR still uses a 1" fork, and I'm not sure if it's carbon steerer or not (best to check with the dealer). and you get that cool aero post with the TCR2. I also used to think the geometery was different between frames, but upon checking, it appears to be very similar.
my suggestion would be to test ride both bikes. should you find yourself uncomfortable on the TCR, you might wish to see what price the bike store can give you for an OCR Elite frame set up with the same configuration as the TCR2. the geometery is more relaxed (higher head tube for one), but the frame is built to the exact same spec as the TCR, and has clearance for wider tires (in case you wish to go touring).
the TCR is a great bike, as I am in the (perhaps unfortunate) habit of telling everyone. but to be fair, there are other great bikes. you can get a trade in on a CAAD 5 frame - I think you would pay around $5-600 for the framset if you gave them your old frame. you could then get a 105 build kit from GVH. if you were willing to be extremely patient, you could get it from abici (they may mess your order up, but good prices). if you order from GVH, ask him to upgrade the wheels to ultegra hubs and butted spokes - I was not particularly impressed with my 105 hubs. other possible options are Supergo's Scattante frames (quality pretty good, warranty not so good), KHS or Fuji bikes (also good value for money, maybe Specialized or Trek. you could also get a TCR frame from GVH, and a build kit, but fitting would be simpler at the LBS.
my first bike was an entry-level 'sport' bike, as is yours. my first ride on my TCR was slightly awkward. I don't know how your position is set up. if your position is more upright, you would definitely feel awkward as well. if you were to go the mail order route, you would want ask an experienced friend from your team for help. I would not limit myself to the TCR but would test ride others. the TCR2 is a great deal even from an LBS, but it's not a great deal if it doesn't fit.
I hope others will chime in here, but if you want to speak to me personally, mail me at
Maybe im reading more into it.....Canidraftyou
Jun 17, 2002 5:10 AM
If a triple on your lite speed, is set up to be ideal for your style of riding, then time trialing competetive is not likely. So I would not put any more money into a second bike. $90 into some aero bars and slap it on and off. My thought on the matter. Good luck!

G. Smith