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PushingWoof the dog
Jun 15, 2002 9:01 AM
Remember the funny video of a guy pushing the other one on the bridge and a fan tossing the perpetrator off into the water?

I was told that the push was executed in a wrong manner, so both crashed. If you want to push someone away, put your hand close to the stem and push with the other. That way you will not disbalance yourself as the guy did in the video. Or if you see someone next to you getting ready to do it, move away asap!

Nifffty for a race, eh?


Woof, the dog you don't want to be in the same race with.
Jun 15, 2002 3:43 PM
Woof, the dog you don't want to be in a race with....if you push will be the last time you ride your bike this season I can promise you that....


CARBON110....the East Coast racer you don't want to push
Thats FASCINATING.......Woof the dog
Jun 16, 2002 8:50 PM
ok, i guess you take my shit seriously then...

you disappoint me

re: PushingAvanti Guy
Jun 15, 2002 10:39 PM
You need to ride some track, that will tech you that nothing can beat a good elbow or headbutt. Its amazing how far some people can send a headbutt flying and still keep themselves upright.
Saw one in a race several years agobrider
Jun 17, 2002 1:04 PM
It was a Cat 4/5 training race in the Seattle area at Seattle International Raceway, and one week there was this group of foreigners (juniors) that showed up. Well, in the final wind-up (I wasn't a very gifted sprinter, so when things were pretty bunched up for the final sprint, I just rolled in with the pack) this one kid goes sideways about 2 feet and takes a full arm length push-off from some one else (not a team mate). I called him on it after, as he was talking with his "coach" (actually an adult who was "sponsoring" them while on their visit from where ever they came from). He kept stating over and over that he was protecting his front wheel. I told him "Bull $hit (I'm sure he understood that one), that may be how you race where you come from, but around here that will get your a$$ kicked in a serious way." Never saw him again.
Saw one in a race several years agojaybag
Jun 18, 2002 11:23 AM
My last race a guy tried passing me in some singletrack (mtbrace)but the idiot couldnt , and ended up "falling" onto me and my bike. Out of instinct i sheilded myself and ended up just reaching down and shifting his bike to a huge gear. HAHA. Im still laughing about it.