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Who's doing or going to Estes Park(16 posts)

Who's doing or going to Estes ParkPack Meat
Jun 12, 2002 11:58 AM
Not making any excuses but I'm just getting over a sinus infection but I'm still going and really looking forward to it. Zed, it looks like RRV will have a full squad for the 3's, sorry. What did Georgie Bush say, "You're either with us or against us."
me, me, me!!lonefrontranger
Jun 12, 2002 12:03 PM
and looking forward to getting spanked with a 2x4

...with nails in
Bring it on!BipedZed
Jun 12, 2002 12:09 PM
VC/MB will have some firepower there also. I think we got at least 6 guys in the 3s with one serious GC contender. Look out for Monsoon and Roguewave although Aaron Small upgraded after Platte. PPV will have a STRONG guy also, he was 2nd to Texier at Platte before a big snafu in the crit dropped him out of contention.

Should be a blast. I've rested up over the past 2 weekends and am super motivated to race. Last year at Estes I ended up doing a solo break off the back. I'm revising my strategy for this year. ;-)
BATPack Meat
Jun 12, 2002 2:24 PM
Can you believe that Pro Peloton is leading the BAT by a lot? Not that those guys suck or anything but I never really see them in the field. I wonder if that's because I'm OTB so much.
Check againBipedZed
Jun 12, 2002 3:08 PM
I think you are looking at Pro/1/2 BAT. From what I see, RRV is leading SM3 BAT. The list isn't sorted. RRV gets a lot of guys to the races, nice job.
huh? What do you know about that?Pack Meat
Jun 12, 2002 6:17 PM
I think the big thing is that we work together, or try. This weekend is going to be fun! I hope my lungs clear up in the next 2 days.
"solo break off the back" ...... best line all week!JohnG
Jun 14, 2002 6:58 AM
That is just too funny. I've done a couple of those this year also. ;(

good luck
ok, I don't race, but...TomS
Jun 13, 2002 6:20 AM
Where/when is a good place to go to see some of the racing on saturday or sunday? Just hang out at the start/finish lines? My wife and I went to the saturn classic last year and had a good time hanging out and watching, she was pretty psyched to see a race in person after I got her hooked on the tdf!

One of these days I'll get around to joining a club or something and maybe try racing - but everyone around here seems so dang fast, it's intimitading! :-)

PackMeat - think your sinus infection has anything to do with all the smoke/haze in the air? I've had a little bit of a sore throat this week with no other symptoms; I was figuring that probably caused it, or at least it didn't help.
check out the Estes Park Race sitePack Meat
Jun 13, 2002 6:32 AM
The Pro, 1,2s start racing today I think. Look at the race bible for locations and times. I would guess the best places to watch would be at the hot spot sprints because the pack will be working really hard a fairly slow speed and the start finish line. You could probably catch most of the sprints and then go down to the S/F line to catch the sprint. If you're really interested you should get involved with a club even from a volunteer basis. You may even be able to persuade somebody to let you ride in the lead vehicle. That would be pretty cool on some of the downhill sections of this race when we're hitting 55 mph.

Unfortunately I started feeling like crap last Thursday and it just got worse. The fires might be aggrevating the situation but it's definitely some sort of biological organism that's attempting to take over my body. But I'm feeling a lot better today.
cool, thanks! Good luck, everyone! (nm)TomS
Jun 13, 2002 6:37 AM
I did it last year...moneyman
Jun 13, 2002 12:34 PM
As a 43 year old fat guy citizen racer. Did the time trial on Friday night and the Citizens race - both laps (Shortened due to severe wind) - and did that "solo break off the back thing" that someone else mentioned.

I trained hard for that race. I really did. All kinds of interval training following a good winter of base miles. I was feeling great, as this was my very first road race as an adult. My wife and two daughters were there to watch and cheer me on. The weather was beautiful and I was psyched.

We checked into the hotel Friday afternoon and unloaded all our stuff. I went to the registration area and picked up my number and race information. My start time was coming soon, so I went back to the room and put on my race togs. I brought my rollers along and placed them outside on the deck, where I proceeded to do my warm-ups. After breaking a good sweat, I went to the start line to await my date with race destiny. I KNEW I would be competitive, because I knew how hard I worked.

At the start, a race official grabbed my seatpost and held me while I clipped in. "3...2...1...GO!" and I was off. The TT is 3 miles on a "gentle uphill." Uh-huh. My MHR is 182, and I rode the TT at 175 the whole way. No kidding. When I saw the finish line, I about passed out, except that the heaving sensation in my stomach kept me from losing consciousness. Never was I so glad to see my wife, because I knew when I saw her that the TT was over. And was I ever competitive! No one could come close to my place - DFL!

The road race the next day was supposed to be three laps of 8 miles each. Then it was shortened to two because of the wind. They ran the men's and women's citizens / 4 & 5 all together. They did this because time was running short for the pro/1/2s who would be riding later. We lined up, received instructions, and started out behind the motorcycle. As we were climbing the first little hill in front of the hotel, I was working on my tactics. I thought I had learned a whole lot from watching this board like a hawk, reading everthing I could about racing, and I felt pretty confident. I had picked a rider whose wheel I would follow, not letting any breaks get up the road, and generally planning on being in the mix at the end. I had hoped my sprinting skills were up to it, because I thought it might end up in a bunch sprint at the finish.

We finished clmbing that first hill and then things picked up speed right away on the downhill side. Here comes the turn into the residential area with that short (1/2 mile?) steep hill. I hung onto thay guys wheel around the corner when suddenly, it felt like someone grabbed my seatpost and said "You can't go with them!" It was that bastard gravity holding me back. I watched helplessly as my heart rate soared while I sunk. The pack rode away from me and I was left not AT the back, but real close. I crawled over the top, cresting the hill and discovering gravity's friendly brother. I'm no physicist, but I know for certain that 43 year old fat guys go downhill faster than skinny guys. I caught a few riders and I was determined that, while I had no chance of winning anything, I WAS NOT GOING TO BE DFL!!!!!! I pedaled my heart out, spiking my HR and riding what was essentially a 16 mile time trial. I passed half a dozen people on the long descent, which was the the same road as the TT from the night before, only backwards. This was a much friendlier ride. I turned the last corner and zoomed up the hill past the start/finish line to the cheers of my wife and children and the two other people who happened to be there. The I came to the short steep hill and lo and behold gravity grabbed me once more. The people I passed on the downhill all passed me again. At the top, the friendly gravity helped me one more time, and I flew down the backside. I managed to catch all those people who had passed me, passing them, and headed towards the finish.

rubber side down, guys/galsweiwentg
Jun 16, 2002 3:09 PM
I'm not in CO myself, but I wish you all well. kick ass.
I'm glad I gave the excuses early. I GOT SHELLED!Pack Meat
Jun 16, 2002 3:22 PM
Great prolog for me and then I got dropped on the first lap. I rode for a long hilly and windy time by myself. I don't even think it was because I was sick I think it's the altitude and lack of sleep.

I don't want to get off on a rant here but did the fish creek course suck or what? Why have this great RR course and then turn it into a crit course? Don't get me wrong I thought the race organization was great, except for the prolog delay but I can't believe they can't find a better way to finish that course. I guess it doesn't matter I didn't even make with the pack that far. I'll be looking for some redemption at Andy Finch.
Jun 16, 2002 8:11 PM
That descent on 7 in the Fish Creek stage, and the ensuing corners were how I shook off the 4 others that were with me on the last lap. That little sprinter's climb at the end was the icing on the cake. Most of my field wasn't aware that you could go through those corners full-bore, because you didn't have to worry about yellow line. Once you got off of 7 the entire road was closed. That main climb thru the subdivision today rode just like a rotten steep climb I used to do up Tusculum St. in Cincinnati. The pain was just like I remembered it, too.

I'd have to say that those weren't actually "pure" climber's courses, because the skinny guys suffered hard in the power sections on both days. Those are "strong guy rip-your-legs-off" courses. Actually they were the closest things I've seen in Colorado to the hilly races I used to do in Southern Indiana / Northern KY.

Barring the 8000' of elevation and majestic views, that is...
actually...Pack Meat
Jun 17, 2002 7:00 AM
The finish might have been ok in a field of 30 but not in a field of 75. I do love the neighborhood corners but the turn into the finish was way to tight.
Jun 17, 2002 7:35 AM
You are right about that final corner, it was narrow, and off-camber, with a nice little pavement gap/bump full of sand in the middle to boot. I'm surprised they didn't use up more of the parking lot for the turn. The Masters 35+ field sprint was definitely hanging it out awfully close to limbo-land on the finale.

For what it's worth, I sat and watched all the afternoon races. As it developed, all the fields were so strung out and shelled by the time they got to the final sprint that there were only about a dozen to fifteen guys left in any bunch to contest it. That doesn't justify having such a tight corner in the final 200 meters, but the dynamics of the course meant that (fortunately) no crashes resulted.

The silliest thing (I thought) was the location of the feed zone on Sunday's stage. I mean, come on - they put the start of the feed 100 meters uphill from a 50mph downhill corner! Any bike racer with a lick of sense will be out of the saddle as hard as they can go at that point. Not to mention you're coming off of that 50 mph descent directly onto the steepest part of the main climb, so the goal is to pedal the big ring out of the saddle as far up that "wall" as you can possibly get it. Every field was going absolutely balls through there all day, with no one willing to take their hands off the bars to grab a bottle. Afterwards I overheard one of the organizers wondering about all the "attacks" in the feed zone, geez! It's obvious they've never raced a bike before. They should move it about 3/4ths of the way up that climb if possible for next year.