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Supplements & Maintaining Weight372
Jun 11, 2002 10:15 PM
I'm looking for help on pre-ride, ride and post ride supplements while training and racing. I have found a problem maintaining weight while training. I started training 7 weeks ago and lost 8 lbs in the 1st 4 weeks. That's a big deal for me as I have been trying to gain and maintain muscle mass my entire life (wrong sport I know, but I'm trying to limit my losses). I am currently 147lbs at about 5'10" with 7-9% body fat. I eat everything I want any time I want within reason; healthy, no junk food, and a balance of protein, carbs and fat with disregard to calories.
I ride 6 days a week: 2 light recovery days mixed in with a long 2 1/2+ hour endurance ride, 2 hard day- 85%+ max hr- hills or intervals and a medium day- 75 to 80% max hr.
I'm trying to mix in 2 days of weight training on my recovery and off days to maintain what I have.
Is the weight training hurting me on the bike as far as recovery? Do I need a different product for training and race days?
I'm very familiar with bodybuilding supplements but I am new to endurance.
Thanks for the help.
It ain't rocket science...Wayne
Jun 12, 2002 8:35 AM
just kidding, if you're having trouble maintaining weight, eat more or exercise less, it always comes down to what you take in vs. what you expend. Is weighttraining hurting your recovery? Probably, it's an added stress that your body has to deal with but if you enjoy it then keep at it, if your doing it because you think it's going to make you a better cyclist, well you're probably wasting your time or at least not using it wisely. Different product for training and racing days? If your talking about on the bike, no. Go with water or typical electrolyte/carbohydrate replacement drink (gatorade, cytomax, smartfuel, etc.) if your primary concern is hydration, if worred about glycogen stores then go with the electro/carb drink and try some gels which are formulated to be easily digestable (i.e. pure simple carbs, no fat, protein or long carb chains to slow down the process). Gels can be a little pricey so you could always eat other foods on training rides when the stress on your system isn't goind to be nearly what it is in racing. My personal favorite is white bread with some honey or any of those little snack bars. After working out you want to consume a good bit of carbs (and a little protein) within about 30 minutes to facilitate replacing your glycogen stores.