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I want to race, but where do I start(3 posts)

I want to race, but where do I startjamesdande
Jun 11, 2002 3:24 PM
I'm a nineteen, a collegiate rower in maine(aka in pretty good shape), and totally excited about racing my bike. What do I need, who do I talk to, how do I start. HELP!!!
re: I want to race, but where do I startNo_sprint
Jun 11, 2002 3:33 PM
Well, if your college has a team, join it. Otherwise, find a local club that has a racing contingent. I wouldn't recommend going at it alone. Join a team one way or the other. Ride with them and then race with them.

In my area we are ruled by a local contingent of the USCF, not sure who runs the gig in your area.

Just so you know, the season is really winding down, and fast, so you'd better get on it or you'll miss it. First weekend in August is really the last biggie in my area.

Have fun and stay safe.
Jun 11, 2002 8:08 PM
The season is almost half way in CA, and as far as the collegiate scene, summer is track season, fall is mtb and winter Psycho-cross. Road season begins in the spring semester, so for now I guess your stuck on the USCF scene. First check with your school to see if there is a team. Go to the sports and rec. department/office or the equivalent.
If your school does not have a team, and you know of a few other riders who attend your college, then you can start a club. Check out for more info.
As for joing a team, if you can;t find any info on the web, visit your LBS and talk to them. Most LBS have a club or sponsor a couple of them and could probably hook you up with one. I would suggest that you first talk to the club president and see what the requirements are, fee;s, races, etc. Some clubs only allow cat 3 and above. Other clubs are mostly cat 4/5, etc.. See what the team philosophy is about, if its every rider in your same category for themselves, or if there are strategies and prizes get split among teammates. Also, a factor I consider important, see if there are riders within similar ages, cause it sucks (at least for me) being the youngest rider in my club. Everybody else is 35+ and I'm 21, but thats just me. See if there are coaches and club rides and finally what are the sponsors available to members.
good luck finding a club or starting one. the collegiate scene is the best form of racing!! I sure miss it!!