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You guys/gals are shortening my learning curve...Thanks!!!(2 posts)

You guys/gals are shortening my learning curve...Thanks!!!biknben
Jun 11, 2002 11:31 AM
Just wanted to let you guys know that there's at least one lurker (me) who religiously reads all you race reports. After years of MTB racing and training on the road, I decided to dabble in some road races last year. Man, was that humbling. I did a couple crits and a couple road races. My results were poor at best.

Before getting too discouraged, I started doing some mid-week "training" races. I soon realized that I was getting too distracted in those earlier races. Too many guys, too many variables, and too little experience left my head spinning until I found myself off the back. The training races, with smaller fields and somewhat friendlier approach, allowed me to gain experience while improving some weaknesses. I also used them to compliment my MTB racing.

After reading your race reports and hearing your experiences, I am able to recognize developing situations during a race much easier. While before, I saw things happen but didn't react soon enough or at all.

I've had great success at the training races. I can't say I have been blowing people away, but I have made people take notice on many occasions. I know that others racers have their eye on me and it's a big confidence booster.

Anyway, last week I'm stumbling through my list of links and find myself looking at the calender of road races for this year. I find out that there's a race in the town I work in on June 16th. I think to myself, "How can I pass this up." I typically travel 2-3 hours for MTB races and over an hour and a half just for the training races. This one is just 20 minutes from my house. I registered for the race and am getting pretty pumped.

I just wanted to let you guys know how valueable the race reports are. I take all the tidbits you offer and use them as a substitute for experience. I'm hoping that, in the future, I too can write up a race report and help someone else.

Thanks again,
That does it.hayaku
Jun 15, 2002 11:16 PM
From now on I'm reading the race reports too! I don't have a clue what's happening in races... "Well, everyone's going that way, me too!" I spend sleepless nights thinking about breakaways and sprints. My tactics until now have consisted of riding as fast as anyone else, until the end. Some how this seemingly fool proof plan hasn't been terribly effective.

I have two races next weekend that are about 20 minutes from my house, my friends are coming so I want to do well... I think I can win if I play my cards right but I don't know what the best move is. I'd better do some homework!