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This One Is For You LoneFront =)(13 posts)

This One Is For You LoneFront =)BigLeadOutGuy
Jun 11, 2002 9:13 AM
i was reading a bunch of posts today and too many people here are so freeking negative. All they do it put down others and try and build themselves up to be better than the rest.
so here is my typical RBR reply to your burnout question......
Well if you arent motivated 24/7 than you pretty much suck and have no talent and you should sell all your bikes a take up basketweaving. I on the other hand am an elite cat 1 racer than is negotiating a deal with telekom, credit agricole, and saeco. I figure I will sign with whoever is going to offer me the 7 figures I deserve. matter of faact last week I was out on a recover ride and zipped past armstrong while he suffering miserably. later on down the road I caught up with ullrich and was pacing him for a bit and asked him why he was going so slow...he couldnt answer me cause he was huffin and puffin too much...I guess he ate too much sauerbraten and beer last night...poor fat soul that he is.
Ill see you in the winners circle...ya loser!

you know i am only kidding give me plenty of inspiration to train hard and race even harder. everyone get burnt out now and will soon pass and you will be putting the hurt on everyone ASAP.
thanks for all the great info you provide for us and awesome stories you share.
stay stoked
hey there BLG :)lonefrontranger
Jun 11, 2002 10:31 AM
Thanks for the grin! I race for fun (not making money at it certainly), and the burnout thing is more of an intellectual puzzle to be solved than anything seriously limiting me.

I've worked through this before and coached others through it, so I've had experience from many differing perspectives. I will admit to venting, and by doing so, hoping to draw out some of the others' reactions - it's definitely something for the less experienced racer to keep in mind at this phase of the season. If I can, through admitting my own mistakes, keep someone else from making the same mistake, etc...

To speak to your (albeit tongue-in-cheek) rant, everyone has different viewpoints, and bike racers are as individual as any group of artists. I know from firsthand experience that some of these guys are within radically different arenas of experience, and must therefore post their knowledge from that perspective. There are racers at all levels on this board, and the elite guys will naturally tend to have much more of a "killer instinct" mentality. I value everyone's feedback quite highly, because nothing helps one learn more than looking at a problem from many angles. This is why I haunt the boards and have also coached through the years. I learn more through teaching and mentoring than I ever would by just doing.

I've ridden and talked with a lot of pro/elite types, and from most of these guys' point of view, it *IS* unthinkable to be mentally weak. They just aren't, and they cannot fathom lack of confidence; it's just not part of their core character. Even on a bad day, they still battle for all they're worth; when I was a kid working with race horses, we called this "class", or "the look of eagles". I'd compare this to a math or computer nerd trying to explain what they believe is a simple problem to a total math or computer challenged type. It's almost like an alien mindset, they think so differently. Doubt and fear just don't factor into the equation.

And... after much further analysis and consideration, I have determined that my utter lack of motivation in Sunday's New Belgium / Fat Tire Ale crit was entirely founded upon the *inexcusable* lack of beer primes to my field! Where is the love?
No Beer Primes?!BigLeadOutGuy
Jun 11, 2002 12:15 PM
did you say there was NO beer?
well no wonder things werent going well!

I know what your saying about the different perspectives in which people think but there still remains one constant...HUMAN KINDNESS. I dont care who you are and at what level you are in any kind of sport. If you answer any question in a condesending tone than you arent much of a profesional. To offer a few kind words to a struggling competitor isnt very difficult. Ive done my time as a so called elite athlete...making first team all america...being offered full scholarships for 3 differnt sports at 4 differnt division 1 schools. And by the time I am done with my cycling career I have no doubt I will get an opportunity in the pros. But there is rare talent that true champions have...and that is called humility. so few have it...but so many need it =)

well anyways, enough of my rant =)
stay stoked =)
BLOG - humility?Sherpa23
Jun 11, 2002 1:50 PM
Maybe you need a giant does of it. Beth and I have been having this conversation for some time, and I was merely picking up where we left off. I have been encouraging her about her upcoming upgrade and getting her excited about what that means, when she has not been excited about it before. In the context in which we have been speaking, there is no condescension, meanness, or ridicule. We merely talk to each other as peers - bike racers. You have put a tone and mood on our replies to each other that weren't even there. Humility, yeah, you need it but reading comprehension should probably be a higher prority. And as far as humility, no one here knows anything that I have done, and that is by my choice. I can't say that I am humble because it is not my perspective to judge that. Humility is attributed by a third party. All I can say is that you don't know anything that I have accomplished, or not accomplished, only my opinion when it is asked by other people in posts. On the other hand, everyone here can tell you what you're good at because you make it well known. Everyone can say exactly how fast you say you go while sprinting through a stop sign, what you feel that you are best at, and I will have to bring up all your talk about college scholarships, and that you feel that you can make it as a pro cyclist. Well, that's cool and no one craps on you for it so where you get off criticising me for trying to help a peer and accusing me of being arrogant when I mention little of what I have done? I really hope that you make it as pro because I will be glad ease your transition in the pro ranks and if you don't get there, and top out at cat. 3 on the road and become a cat. 2 track racer or something please let me know as I'll be glad to show up at your local track, too, although it would be nice if you cam to nationals so I wouldn't have to go out of my way. Please notice that I am writing this to you and not openly so you can see exactly that I am writing this to you so no one needs to infer or wonder anything. Have a great day and if you need to email me, my address is pointsracerATyahoo.
BLOG - humility?BigLeadOutGuy
Jun 11, 2002 2:04 PM
I dunno why you feel so guilty
I hadnt mentioned any names whatsoever.
My post was to get a laugh. And point out that some people shouldn't be so harsh and not let their ego get the best of them. I signed up for the nationals and I am looking foward to going. Maybe I will see you there =)
stay stoked
One More ThingBigLeadOutGuy
Jun 11, 2002 2:23 PM
Now that ya got me feeling all guilty for poking fun at some nasty people=). My post was definatly not directed at you. It wasnt directed at anyone in particular just the some of the curt replies that are all so common here. If you read enough posts and replies here there are many people that have the notion that they are the greatest cyclist under the sun and frequently put others down to try and prove their point. Pro or not...there is no excuse for that kind of behavior. Didnt mean to ruffle your feathers. And to further clarify I'll be the first one to admit that my skills are subpar at best...I'm still trying to find out if I have a talent in this sport...But I have never and will never cut another person down at the knees because I think I am better than them.
One More ThingDenvergirl
Jun 11, 2002 2:32 PM
I don't think that Ryan cut anyone down in his post. There is probably no worst biker than me and Ryan has given me tons of good advice over the last few months after I met him at Wheat Ridge Pro Event. I think that he is a true professional and he never made me feel inferior. Anyways, I just wanted to say that because I also felt that your post was directed at him and I felt that was unfair. Ryan, I was thinking about listing off some of your career highlights that they mentioned at Wheat Ridge but I guess I won't.
Thanks, Anna...Sherpa23
Jun 11, 2002 2:43 PM
for not mentioning those. And you are definitely not a bad cyclist much less "the worst cyclist ever". I hope that your training for the Triple is going well. I lost your email, by the way, so if you could email me that would be great.
true datlonefrontranger
Jun 12, 2002 7:16 AM
I've ridden with him and you're right he's a gem. The rest of these guys haven't seen our offline chatter; they maybe don't realize it's just backchat. Hell, shirt and allervite bait each other all the time, but the board lets it go because most of us know they ride together / race together.

My advice to you Denvergirl is to ride with Ryan every chance you have, because it's guys like him that got me into the sport and are why I've been racing for a decade. Ryan is a great mentor who has a natural affinity for working with others. I've done a lot of riding with elite level guys, many of whom have raced in Europe, and they're far, far better at riding slow and smelling the flowers than many of the Cat III hammerheads I've known. It's primarily because they truly love riding their bikes, or they wouldn't have the job they do. Plus they tell way better stories :)
definitely wrongDougSloan
Jun 12, 2002 12:00 PM
No, *I'm* the worst ever. I've been off the back so many times I really consider myself a time trial specialist. :-)

Sherpa, lay off BLOGshirt
Jun 11, 2002 7:31 PM

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. BLOG chatters a LOT. Big deal. This is a message board, get it? His initial post was intended to be humorous. He barely succeeded, but the intent was clear. He is a large, good-hearted, talkative man, so lay off.

And after talking about how he needs humility you make a veiled challenge to him ("I'll be glad to show up at your local track...") Do you see the hypocrisy? So you're a pro or a 1 or a fast 2 and you could probably destroy him. Nobody cares. The only thing that counts for anything is character. Show some.

Time To Play NiceBigLeadOutGuy
Jun 12, 2002 6:55 AM
Thanks shirt.

Like I said before, The post was to get a laugh and wasnt directed at anyone particular.
I think its time to put this behind us and get on with things. Sorry if i accidentally offened anyone.
stay stoked =)
Great post! LOLNo_sprint
Jun 11, 2002 1:28 PM
In regards to your burnout situation. I'm right there with ya. Mine was kind of brought about due to an unfortunate living situation with a new neighbor, poor results, kind of a bit of everything. I've felt burned out about everything for about a month. Taking a new start after this weekend for the wind down of the racing season.

Best of luck. I don't know what to tell you about how to deal with it, however, I basically took all of May off.