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Cedar Creek race report!!!(3 posts)

Cedar Creek race report!!!weiwentg
Jun 9, 2002 12:48 PM
I just finished a 51 mile cat 4/5 race at something like 24 mph. with a semi-healed collarbone.
unfortunately, due to oxygen deprivation and inexperience, I sprinted over the yellow line on the finishing straight, and got DQed. otherwise, I'd have been in or near the top 15 (out of 45-50 riders). mea culpa, and you learn best the hard way. although imho they should've closed off the finishing straight.
the course was predominantly flat, with some rolling hills. there was one fairly big one about 8 miles from the finish, but overall the course wasn't hilly enough to give the climbers an advantage.
and there was one gradual ascent after the first turn, which was a few hundred meters after the start. the faster guys simply took off. I thought 'here we go again...' and went with them ... and I stayed with them the whole race.
the pack - those who weren't shelled off in the first attack - stayed together for most of the race. my team made some sucker-play attacks, just to tire people out. we actually didn't have a plan for the race - it was formulated en-route. and I basically got no word of it - I just rode pretty hard. we thought about making a breakaway on the last lap, but it simply didn't happen. the pace was too fast - it would have been too fast for me to manage it, anyway.
on the last lap, we did attack up that first ascent, and I happened to be near the front. someone at the back yelled that we had a gap, and I joined the paceline. the thing was, right after my pull, no one else pulled over! I continued riding fast, waiting for someone to relieve me, but no one did, and the rest of the pack caught up, which was a pity. a whole train of riders just blew right by me within a couple of minutes, and I joined them.
it wasn't a closed course, and the centerline rule was in effect. the problem was, there was - at least at my skill level - no way to move up without violating the centerline rule. of course, I wasn't the only one. the original 2nd place finisher got DQed, as did at least two other people (and me) in the top 15.
during the finishing straight after the last turn, the people in front simply took it slow. there was some yelling, and eventually we did get going. the last big climb had tired me out a bit, and I wasn't particularly confident of doing well in a bunch sprint. of course, I would not have had the energy to participate in a breakaway. two riders crashed in the straight, but no one was seriously injured. I just got in my drops and sprinted hard - I was so far gone I didn't even see the finish line.
so, overall, our team got first place - I didn't even see what happened - as well as 8th, and I think another place somewhere in between. the rest of the 4/5s all did well.
the cat 5 race was one lap of 17 miles, and I would probably have done very well there, but I figured that if I had to pay to suffer, I might as well get my money's worth. there were a couple of fast descents that got me quite nervous - my first crash of the season was at the base of such a descent - but no one wiped out. thank heavens I got in the first break.
overall effort level was not extreme. I was at 150-160 bpm for most of the race, which for me is not uncomfortable. this will, sadly, be my last race for quite a while - I'm going back to Singapore for 2 months - but it was a good one.
two questions: does it affect the organizer's insurance premiums if they have to close the whole road off, or is could there be another reason why they didn't close the whole road off for the finishing sprints? obviously I'm annoyed, but it is bad form to criticise someone without being in their shoes (or at least knowing what it's like).
second, the winner for the cat 4/5s was a 135lb skinny mountain biker. I'd ordinarily have anticipated that a sprinter would have placed first (original 2nd place was a much heftier guy, though). in a fairly flat course, what tactics do 'climbers' use to win? I do know that one of our guys managed to
hrmph, page limitweiwentg
Jun 9, 2002 1:07 PM
anticipated that a sprinter would have placed first (original 2nd place was a much heftier guy, though). in a fairly flat course, what tactics do 'climbers' use to win? I do know that one of our guys managed to lead the winner out.
personally (not trying to boast here), I find that I don't do bad on the flats, especially considering my weight. nothing spectacular, but definitely nothing to be ashamed of. I'd pigeonholed myself until the time of my second crit - I did my first one injured. I placed 7th in the second one, and I would likely have placed in the 3rd (but I did a Hamilton, went over the bars, and ended up with a broken shoulder).
hrmph, page limitflyinbowlofmilk
Jun 9, 2002 5:35 PM
That was a awesome race. I only could wish that I could race that good. Maybe some day in the future i will be as good as you . That before I get to old(now 31going on 32). But congradulations for the good race. Sorry that you got Disqualified. Bummer. I like reading you race report .