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First race tipsdanielfd
Jun 8, 2002 7:57 AM
Hello everyone tomorrow i have my first ever road race im 14 years old the race is only going to be around 35-40 kms mostly flat.
i suppose we are going to average around 30 km/h.

I am wondering if anyone here can give me some tips for it since i have no clue about racing strategy or anything :) and tell me what did u do in your first race.

Im not really entering this race to win im just entering more to improve myself. any tips will be apreciated.
re: First race tipsmerckx56
Jun 8, 2002 9:37 AM
try to stay in the front part of the group. the first 10-12 guys! don't dangle in the back, as it's much harder to actually get to the front when the time comes! do as little work as possible. there will be other juniors who are much faster and smoother than you but don't let that discourage you! you will be there one day too! the biggest thing i tell the juniors that i coach is to have fun! it's supposed to be enjoyable.
if you feel good and the pace isn't killing you, go when the break goes. sometimes it's better to go hard and barely finish than to sit back and wonder, what if?
kick ass and let us know how it went!