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Takes me forever to warm up(6 posts)

Takes me forever to warm uphrv
Jun 6, 2002 8:02 AM
It takes me forever to warm up on group rides, at least 1/2 hour before I feel like I can stay with the hammers. More like 45 minutes or more! Everyone else seems to fly after at most about 15 minutes, if that.

Only have done a few training crits so far and usually give myself about 20 - 30 minutes of warming up with a few hard efforts before. Seems ok, but so far can really only put a good sprint together at the end, and I miss out on the primes.

Can you train to get a faster warm up? Is it solely based on your fitness level? No question age also. I'm not asking to be able to go from sitting at my desk to sprinting up a 15% hill. But more often than not I'm sucking wind right off the bat but about 45 minutes later a switch goes on and I'm doing long pulls and have awesome energy; but guess what: too late! The front of the pack is at the coffee shop by then!

I know I'll get better with training but something tells me there is a genetic/inbred thing going on that determines an individual's warm up time. Yes/no?


p.s. Maybe I'll try a 45 minute pre-ride before the group ride, or at least a longer ride than I've been doing.
I'm curious to see the responses also.McAndrus
Jun 6, 2002 10:15 AM
I've noticed the same trend in myself. Hang on for dear life for the first few minutes then, as I warm up, I start moving to the front. By the end, I'm hammering.

Using absolutely nothing other than personal experience, I believe it's genetic. In my younger days - in my 20s - I played a lot of basketball. I distinctly remember sucking wind for two quarters. By the middle of the third quarter I'm still hustling up and down the court and the rest of the guys are dragging their tongues. Guys would comment on my fourth quarter heroics and I just figured it was genetic, that I was made that way.
Depends On The IntensityBigLeadOutGuy
Jun 6, 2002 11:08 AM
How long of a warm up a person needs is very individual but here are some guidelines. If your ride or race is going to be a short to medium distance race but of high intensity from the start than you will want to warm up for a bit in each HR zone working all the way up to your anerobic zone....The exact time im not sure but this is the way to warm up for time trials and fast crits.
The Longer the raace the less warm up you will need because you will have plenty of time to warm up during the race...usually a long road race upward toward 100 miles and greater you dont need to warm up as well as you would for a 40k TT.
either as much warm up as you need to be ready to keep pace and hammer from start to finish.
Long time to warm upJSchneb
Jun 6, 2002 11:17 AM
I find the same to be true for me. Most of my group rides and training races are hammer fests from the start. I'm usually sucking wind for the first 20-30 minutes or so, but after that I'm fine. The benefit for me, though, is that when everyone else is ready to pack it in I'm ready for another lap!

This makes MTB races especially tough. I can ride at my LT for hours once I'm warmed up, but staying with the group during the "off the line sprint" at the start is almost impossible for me. By the time I'm ready to go full out, I'm already minutes behind.

The more that I think about it, it might be a combination of genetics and anerobic fitness.
I'm the same wayJS
Jun 6, 2002 11:45 AM
From what I have been able to find out some people just take longer. Although I seem to warm up faster as I reach my best form. I do 1 hour warm ups for MTB races with a couple 4-5 min max efforts in the middle. Another trick is that in crits I almost always go for the first prime(max effort) and then sit at the back for a couple laps to recover then I feel great.
For me, it was just the oppositebrider
Jun 6, 2002 11:55 AM
That as my form came together, it took me LONGER to warm up. Especially for crits.