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using road bike to train for MTB racing(4 posts)

using road bike to train for MTB racingpeter1
Jun 2, 2002 1:37 PM

What is the best road training regimen to prepare for MTB racing? I've just moved to an area without convenient trails and have been road riding (mostly long, slow 90 rpm spinning rides with a few short steep climbs) to train for mountain bike races. I think my endurance has improved but my legs don't feel as explosive as they did the last few years when I could ride to the trails.

The obvious answer to me would be to throw in a few intervals 2X a week, but I thought I'd ask the group...what about hill repeats? I can train about 6-8 hours a week. I haven't used my road bike much in the last few years, but I notice that I'm pushing much higher gears, of course.

Any help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance
If you can find a local training crit.JS
Jun 3, 2002 2:17 PM
I would highly recommend doing that once a week. I find that the consatnt high speed really helps my MTB racing form.
re: using road bike to train for MTB racingFender
Jun 3, 2002 2:21 PM
try sprint workouts and TT training programs. Since a MTB is somewhat similar to a TT in terms of effort and power, that should help.
running might help in the offseason.
Welcome to the next level...biknben
Jun 4, 2002 4:09 AM
In MTB racing there is a big difference between those who train on a road bike and those who don't.

Just riding on the road should make a noticeable difference. For the best bang for you buck go with any type of interval or hill repeat training.

The MTB race is kinda like long sprint intervals. The climbs are sprints (or at least feel like them) and you rest and recover in between. I would recomend using training methods on the road bike that will shorten your recovery time. An easy time to pass during a MTB race is after a climb. Racers are going slower trying to recover from the climb. Those who can recover faster or go faster during recovery can make huge gains.

The type of intervals, sprints, or hill repaeats you do don't have to be MTB specific. What works for roadies will work for you. Do a search for sprints or intervals and see what others are doing.