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Intresting race situation...(2 posts)

Intresting race situation...Cheezhead
May 29, 2002 11:33 AM
OK, let me first say that I've never raced a crit before, but I had this burning question in my mind last nite, and it was really bugging the hell out of me, so here goes:

Say there's a crit that's 30 minutes and 3 laps. During the race, the group gets split so that one group is 30 seconds ahead of the second. The first group passes the line at 29:45, and the second group passes at 30:15. Therefore, would the first group think they still have to do one more lap before the final 3 laps, and the second group would think that they are on their final 3 laps?? How is this controlled?
re: Intresting race situation...brider
May 29, 2002 11:58 AM
It's usually called by the first rider across the line (the lead rider or group) after the 30 minutes are up. At that point, there will be a lap board showing how many laps are left in the race, with a bell (or horn in some cases) signalling the last lap. Of course, it's ALWAYS at the ref's discretion, so it MAY be that they would call 3 to go when the lead pack crosses at 29:45. But the lap board is virtually always present.