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When will Cadel get his chance, now that Garz. got caught(1 post)

When will Cadel get his chance, now that Garz. got caughttempeteKerouak
May 19, 2002 5:24 AM
Tour the Romandie: Cadel attacks Frigo on the last tough climbing stage...

Finishes third in the last time trial:

Up to now, the kid has been doing very well, bringing Garzelli ahead bridging gaps to stage wins in the hills. He's sitting in the top twenty know that his leader sat back on that stage 7.

If he can last the distance in the Giro, and get some experience in this year's TdF... With the help of a Miguel Martinez and solving the Bettini equation... They have a strong team of younster with Dario Cioni and Robert Hunter (who dropped-out of the Giro yesterday)

We could see a VERY interesting Tour. Don't you think?

I can just picture Evans and Martinez harassing you know who(someone we see a lot and rides for an american team, what's his name?) up every climb...

-My dream of a good competition, for something to keep me interested? Ah well...

And how's that kid Yaroslav Popovich? Seems to me he was a junior only yesterday? Now he's showing up up front!

Here's Cadel with two dope heads: