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have a few questriman
May 19, 2002 5:09 AM
first whenever i go ride my lower back always starts to hurt. it will happen when i go mtn biking and when i go for a road ride. the other day i flipped my stem up on my cannondale r700 up(not sure what degree it is, it came with the bike) and was fine for most of the ride, but when i stood up for a climb my back started to hurt. do i need to strenghen my back? get a different stem? i would like to have the stem flipped down, it feels faster. also it seems like thats hows everyone else's stem is. also is it a good idea to get a heart rate monitor? ive seen a few good deals on some polar monitors, and think it will help my training a lot, im planning to start road racing this summer. thanks.
Stretch and strengthKerry
May 19, 2002 7:02 AM
You should be doing stretches if your back is tight, and you should be doing crunches and "superman" leg/torso lifts to build lower back strength. Another good back exercise is to lay on the floor and press the small of your back onto the floor. An HRM is a good tool if you actually use it in your training, instead of just being fascinated by the numbers. You need to get a book on the topic (do a Google search on HRM training).