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5.8 150lbs should i loose more wt?(11 posts)

5.8 150lbs should i loose more wt?titansprodigal
May 18, 2002 5:13 PM
8-10hrs p/wk mtb, i train 40% road. 35yrs old. Im doing two interval sessions back to back then two days off for the next 15 days. When will i know when to quit losing wt? I'm hungry duiring the day and when i ride.
I feel tired starting after lunch and thru out the day, like i could sleep. My climbing is great, MHR 184 and LT 173 great except on the second day then it's a struggle to maintain LT which goes down to 165 and reach MHR (170 something) but power output seems the same or at times better when i look at the times.
Heres my diet: a.m soy milk, bannana, cantalope, flax oil.
mid a.m- spinach, corn, oj, 20gr whey
lunch- lean meat rice or pasta, whey.
mid afternoon- same as mid a.m
dinner - same as lunch.
I spare one single day to eat whatever the H i want to which might include half a pan pizza and a order of buffalo wings and a haggan daaz. During the week no beer, no sodas, no sugar.
tp do look in mirror and feel?Bil Bikie
May 18, 2002 5:42 PM

Don't be too concerned about weight. How do you look and feel. I'd also eat some fruit at lunch and for the mid-day snack too. Maybe every hour or so some grapes or dried fruit. maybe an energy drink before training. Sometimes I have a slimfast in the afternoon. a well balanced diet don't overtrain, and your body will find it's own appropriate weight.

-Bil Bikie
How much weight?LeGrimper
May 19, 2002 12:19 AM
You dont mention your bodyfat percentage. What is it?

Last year after lots of training, racing and strict diet I went from my usual off-season 10% down to 4% and for a few months was flying. However toward the end I was loosing form and had to go back to basics and resume eating red meat and having more food, more of what I like.

If you are still at say, 10% then you can go lower despite feeling hungry but if you are low and continue to hammer, then your stores are already low and maybe illness is around the corner.

Make sure you have enough energy for what you have to do.

You will reshape if you cut fat and replace with carbs that you will burn up and build up with some protein.

Your diet reads fine to me, although you could cut the treats at this point and just eat the good stuff if you wish to really reshape at this point.

Le Grimp.
How much weight?titansprodigal
May 19, 2002 4:07 AM
Hi Legrimp,

Never measured it. Treats? I'm eating zero sugar, zero sodas, zero goodies, except on sunday. Do you mean cut out the one day that i eat whatever? I'm also eating little fat except an occasional tbs of peanut butter or flax seed oil on my mid a.m mid afternoon snack to help incorporate better digestion and metabolism. I hav'nt counted calories or carbs but am consuming about 110gr protien p/day including whey. thx do look in mirror and feel?titansprodigal
May 19, 2002 4:56 AM
I look ok, i can pinch about 1in in the very front part of my gut and about 1/2in orless on my side. I feel ok other being tired in the afternoon and hungry on my recovery rides, when that happens i usualy eat more hammer gel. My riding performance seems great and unaffected. I would like to try a wattage meter to compare those days when my MHR and LT seems difficult just to see if my power out put is the same or better and to avoid OT before it happens. I can definately tell that my climbing has improved since i lost 7lbs and was wondering if i lost 3more if i would go even faster. Last year w/ the same mileage i was down to 148 and eating whatever i wanted, guess my metabolism has changed.
tp do look in mirror and feel?JohnG
May 19, 2002 10:59 AM
The pinch test indicates "room for improvement". ;) Probably not more than a few pounds though. Anyway, I wouldn't obsess over it..... if you get your mileage and intensity up the "extra" few pounds will naturally disappear. IMHO, a couple of extra pounds will only be a "problem" if you are in a competitive situation with someone very close to your abilities.

FWIW, I don't buy for one GD minute the "getting older ===> change in body shape". The OLD farts I race against are some mean looking SOB's. I'm sub 10% body fat and I look like a body builder next to some of them. To make maters even worse, a few of the faster guys I know aren't even that emaciated. Go figure!

ride on

ride on
JohnG do look in mirror and feel?titansprodigal
May 19, 2002 11:14 AM
hey jg, thats just it, im a top 3 finisher and even just a foot dab can cost you to loose a wheel you where holdin onto. just tore my arm open on a crash so looks like il be down for a bit, gonn need stitches xray. i dont foresee > intensity since im peaked at x2 interval sessions p/wk but longer more frequent wkend ride will be bettr. Any tips on training w/ stitches an a sore soft tissue, race 5-26?

later tp do look in mirror and feel?JohnG
May 19, 2002 1:32 PM
The stiches might not be that big a deal but if you just got the injury today(?) then it's probably too soon to know how serious it is. ???

As far as the weight and training goes, IMHO you'll see faster results on both fronts if you go on a lean/mean diet and stick with the training program you're familiar with. Since you're already a podium finisher then you're way beyond base mile issues and I suspect any long tempo type rides will just slow you down. I.e. Stick with the interval training (if your injury allows) and don't be too discouraged IF your injury forces a modification in your race plans. *** There's always more races.... but you've only got one body.

good luck and keep us informed on your progress.

5' 8" and 150# also
Regards, JohnG, thx all.titansprodigal
May 19, 2002 3:01 PM
I'm a bit sore and im gonna try to do a recovery ride tuesday. A buddy of mine went down yesterday at 34mph when a cat darted out and hit his rear wheel. 5 broken ribs, torn rotator cuff. Looking fwd to interval wednesday:)
re: 5.8 150lbs should i loose more wt?weiwentg
May 19, 2002 2:02 PM
I take it you're taking whey protein. if so, reconsider - it's absorbed very fast, and there's no need for such high quality protein as a major component of your diet. caesin is absorbed much more slowly and will leave you full for longer, plus you get a constant stream of amino acids. and it's cheaper. and there's nothing wrong with lean meat unless you're vegeterian.
imo, don't worry too much about the weight. be a bit more lenient during the week.
re: 5.8 150lbs should i loose more wt?titansprodigal
May 19, 2002 3:03 PM
Interesting concept, ill research now. Really not sure how i can cut my diet any more monday thru saturday but i can cut the sunday fiesta out, which might be detremental on the gut's psyche!