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Break in the weather...distinctHead
May 18, 2002 4:40 AM
Well here in CT, it's been rather crappy outside as far as the weather goes... rain, super-death-wind, you name it. Of course, since I don't have any other mode of transportation, that doesn't keep me off the bike, but it does keep me from going on those long rides I enjoy so much. It's saturday and I'm about to write about thursday and friday, and of course, it's raining outside this very moment ;). So far this season, I haven't put in any rides over 30 miles because the 9 hour days at work are tying me down, however, thursday and friday I finally got to throw in two 45 milers. It's just wonderful being out there... the first 5 miles when your say to yourself "are my legs up to this?" the 15 mile marker where your legs feel fine, the 25 mile mark where you finally catch up with them, and of course the 40+ mile mark when you say "I have legs??" and forget about them until you step off the bike after the ride ;). I was going up this really absurdly steep hill which is about a 1/2 mile long... all of these cyclists were going past me, only, down it... I seemed to be the only nutcase willing to climb those two days. When i got about 25 feet from the top, I looked down at the road and noticed someone had spraypainted "C'mon, HUFF & PUFF!" on the right side of the asphalt... HA!!! Well, all I can say, spare the details, is that I look forward to many more weekends where I go, say, 150 miles, reach my driveway and just keep going...
RIde oN,
Eric :-D