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Preparation for double centuryAlanE
May 15, 2002 11:09 AM
I'm planning on riding my first double century this year. It's scheduled for June 22, more than 5 weeks from now. The problem (if you can call it that) is I feel like I'm ready now. I've been piling up miles so far this year, and have comfortably done several centuries recently, including 2 back-to-back. I'm uncertain how best to prepare for the double from this point forward. Should I back off on the miles so I'm fresh on d-day, or should I put in some more centuries or maybe even longer rides to build up to the double?
miles now, rest laterDougSloan
May 15, 2002 11:21 AM
Start resting a bit beginning 2 weeks before the event. Cut back on mileage, but keep a little intensity. You will not get faster in 2 weeks, but you could get more tired. You want to be fully rested come event day. I find that if I feel sort of like I really need to ride, like I'm getting out of shape and want to train, it's about right. Maybe do 75 miles the weekend before.

I'd do a longer ride this weekend, at least 130-150 miles. Doesn't have to be fast. Pick terrain similar to the event. That will give you some confidence. At this point, start using the same equipment and clothing, if you can, to train on you'll use in the event. You'll work any bugs out now.

When it gets close, come back and talk more preparation, if you want.

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