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Eric Wohlberg is a monster!(1 post)

Eric Wohlberg is a monster!Mr_Grim2
May 14, 2002 1:06 PM
I've been looking for news of this race all over the place but havn't found anything so I thought I'd take it upon myself to post it.

Our racing club, LosGatos Bicycle Racing Club put's on a yearly ballbreaker called "Cat's Hill Criterium." It's a 1mile course with short 23% power climb. You can read the history of the race at

This year two of team Saturn's rider's showed up for the 1/2/Pro's race. Eric Wohlberg (a local) and Trent Klasna! No.. I'm not making this up! Trent was there as the headliner but it's Eric who is the real local "hero."

A field of 84 racers lined up to race the 1.5 hours of carnage. Almost immediately, in a move similar to last year, Eric attacked off the front. Then what unfolded is something that I'll remember for a LONG time...

Eric proceeded to increase his lead over the lead pack. Lap after lap after lap... Eric got farther and farther ahead. For a while, Trent could be seen up front slowing the field.. then at one point... he either tried to bridge the gap, or chase down another attack.. but we didn't see much of him after that.

Sure enough.. it was inevitable that Eric would catch the field if he kept riding at that pace... the anticipation was incredible. Climbing Cat's Hill in his BIG ring.. Eric eventually caught and PASSED the field of racers!!!!! And as if in his own little world.. he went off the front again!!!! Not only was he gauranteed a win.. but he was collecting EVERY prime and KOM point along the way.

He eventually finished the race all by his lonesome... a lap ahead of the field... and walked away with two tickets to Hawaii and a shit load of shwag!

That guy is not only a machine.. he's one of the nicest guys you could meet!