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road bike national series?(3 posts)

road bike national series?mtber
May 13, 2002 11:29 AM
Coming from the world of mountain biking, where there are regional (many), national (Chevy Trucks NCS 5 race series) and international (UCI - 7 races?) series, I was wondering if anything similar exists in the word of road racing.

It sure seems like a good idea - compare yourself w/ others of the same skill level in your region, country or the world. And if you make it to the pro level, compare yourself w/ the best in your region/country/world. If you are not a pro, things like the Master's Worlds exist where you can mix it up w/ the best age-groupers in the country/world.

For example, is there a national crit, TT or RR series?

Just bored at work and wondering. Thanks.
How can you be bored at NREL?Pack Meat
May 13, 2002 3:00 PM
Just wondering if you work with Joe, Carl, Peter and Steve?

The USCF has a ranking system but I don't pay much attention to it being in CO where most of the races are ACA. THere is also a NAtional Calender for the US and the World Cup for UCI.
The ACA has what's known as the Best Area Rider/Best Area Team (BAR/BAT)competition, check out the site for more details.

I find it best to compare myself to other riders by height.
How can you be bored at NREL?mtber
May 15, 2002 10:57 AM
Yeah, I work up at the OTF. Monday was just a bad day as everything I had stacked up to do was held up in some sort of snag. Otherwise, it is a great place to work with no problems getting in lunch time rides!