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training help for my dad(2 posts)

training help for my dadjbw
May 12, 2002 5:54 PM
okay... hopefully you guys can help me here. my dad is 62 yrs old, and an ex-runner. he got into cycling a few years ago but burned out. "it took too much time". now, he's 10 yrs older, and pretty out-of-shape. he has an indoor stationairy and he's more comfortable using this. he's not a fan of "skinny tires", either.
I was hoping to put together a 3-day a week plan, with one longer ride each week that could help put him back on track. I figure once he gets back in some kinda shape, he might be more apt to venture outside. Most of us have been out-of-shape at some point in our lives-- its can be that much tougher to get on the bike when you know its gonna hurt like hell.

any thoughts greatly appreciated. would love to hear some success stories from older cyclists that i could pass on as motivation.
"success stories from older cyclists..."shirt
May 13, 2002 8:15 PM
* Museeuw
* Cipollini
* Tchmil
* Bostick

Seriously though, I'd still say get him outside. Maybe once a week or every other week he could throw a city bike (preferable to a mtb for your dad, probably)into the trunk and go to some suburb/trail where there's little or no traffic. There are always downhills and tailwinds in these situations which you don't have to be in shape for to enjoy. By enjoying himself on a regular basis outside on a bike, that will help him get motivated to spend more time on the trainer. Then it will come full circle and he'll start spending more time outside...

Just my theory. :-)