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My race recap...RockyMountainRacer
May 12, 2002 4:45 PM
Hi ya'll, I just thought I'd give you my story from racing this weekend. I really love to read everyone's race stories while I'm trapped in my office cubicle in corporate America, so everyone who reads this is obligated to post a reply with their racing experience this week! Ok here goes:

I woke up on Sunday to the sound of pouring rain. My girlfriend was supposed to race at 10 AM and me at Noon, but she took one look at the weather and said "screw this, I'm going back to sleep." I could definitely see where she was coming from as we both had a pretty miserable experience at the Carter Lake Road Race a few weeks back where it was snowing/sleeting/freezing rain all at the same time! So I went back to sleep for an hour, but I woke up with the race calling me.

I thought, while I might as well just give it a try and if I'm really having a bad time I can just drop out. So the gf came along to cheer me on and by the time we got to the race the rain had stopped, but it was still cold. I warmed up and got to the start line with the other Sport class racers who had decided to brave the elements. The Experts and Pros took off, and 1 minute later we were off.

I hammered along at the same speed as 3 other leaders, and we just kind of paced each other waiting for someone to make a move. Finaly some one decided to take off and came sprinting around us. I jumped on his wheel and let him set the pace as we strung out into a line and started up the first long climb of the race (there were 2 per 3 mile lap). I stayed on the guys wheel untill halfway through the first lap when I got antsy and decided to turn up the pace. So I led the race up the next climb and down the long downhill to the start/finish and I was leading the race through there, giving my girlfriend something to cheer about. I was not hammering, just riding tempo at my threshold to see if anyone would make a move. My tempo had rode everyone off my wheel except 3 other riders, but I could still see the others chasing back down the trail.

Just as we got to the base of the first climb again (2nd lap), some guy attacked past me on the left, hammering up the hill while standing in his middle ring with the chain somewhere in the middle of the cassette. I stayed seated and wound it up to stay with him, but I was getting pretty anaerobic so backed off a bit. He slowly disappeared up the trail, and looking back there was only one racer in sight, right on my wheel. There was no way I was going to be able to follow that other guys acceleration without blowing up, so I figured maybe I'd reel him in later and rode a hard pace throughout the next lap with the other guy on my wheel the whole time.

Halfway through the 3rd lap, he attacked me at the top of the second climb and began to pull away on the long downhill. He was a much bigger rider than me (I am small and weigh 150), so I think gravity was in his favor and he was just a better descender. He had a good 20 seconds on me at the end of the downhill, but I could still see him on the switchbacks above me on the climbs. I made my goal for the race to catch him and get second. I knew the only way to catch him was through my climbing, so I really hammered the hills on the next lap and a half. It took me that long to catch him and I caught 2 Experts who were having a bad day as well.

I finally caught the guy in second place on the 4th lap on the same climb he had attacked me over the top of. I caught him at the base, so I hammered up it so he wouldn't be able to pull away on the downhill again. I had at least 10 seconds on him at the top, which he made up by the end of the downhill. He stayed on my wheel throughout the next 2 laps, and going in to the last lap I knew my only chance was to drop him on the climbs because he was the better descender. I immediately attacked at the base of the first climb again, standing up to sprint and open a gap, then sitting back down and slowing the pace
and you won at the end right?ishmael
May 12, 2002 5:25 PM
was that a mountain bike race? said middle ring...anyway, i also raced this weekend, it was 3 miles down the street from my house and the pavement is new and the roads are wide so i couldnt turn it down...but it was a crit which i detest because i cant sprint and there are way too many crashes for me to be was about a three quarter mile loop, flat, four turns...i did the 4s and 5s and sat off the back for almost the whole race..there was a pile-up of about 5 riders that i avoided and made me curse a little "why the fuk do i do these" strategy was to sit on the back untill the last 3 laps and it was going great, not even a sweat was coming off me, not the slightest girlfriend was wondering what i was doing riding around without holding on, i was just relaxing....then three laps to go, i decided might as well make it 2, i was still in the pleasant ride mode...2 laps to go and everyone else seems to have the same idea as me all of a sudden..i dangerously attack on the inside of a turn (which ill never do again) and end up finishing in the pack somewhere...what a waste of a race....a friend lent me 10 bucks so im doing the 3s and 4s, this time im atleast going to make an effort, there's no point otherwise...its a field of 100 and im going back and forth within it, staying to the outside which is like the passing or get passed lane, its safer over there it seems...2 laps to go i follow out to the front and then i pull off and crank like a mofo..there are two people out there and i sit on a wheel for about 5 seconds then it seems as if its my turn to pull...i dig deep, this is the chance i wanted..i pull through 2 turns and then its all over, im all used up..they come flying by and i think about dropping out..but i still have some left so i jump on the back...i finish 60something, i forget, its not worth remembering..the 5 and 4s averaged 24 and the 3 and 4 did 26.5, each for only 20 more crits, i need a long winding hill for 60 miles
Yes, this was a mountain bike race (nm)RockyMountainRacer
May 12, 2002 7:10 PM
Sounds to me like you are pretty close to an upgrade.allervite
May 13, 2002 5:23 PM
I think if you can consistently top five in Sport, you will have no problems finishing with the field of the Expert Class. Take those Sport wins first though. The most frustrating thing about upgrading is looking at the results and seeing you would have won Sport.

Good Race and good story, but where's the ending?
good story also ishmael...facinating, you too should upgradeishmael
May 14, 2002 5:43 AM
...and the end.RockyMountainRacer
May 15, 2002 8:25 AM
Darn page limit...I didn't even notice it got cut off.

Anyway, to make a long story short the guy got in front of me on the last downhill and managed to take second by about 15 seconds. I was happy with a medal though as it was my first podium finish. The person who won our class put 9 minutes on me and beat most of the pros! Guess he will be upgrading soon...I hope so anyway.