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Need new racing/training rear wheelhrv
May 10, 2002 11:52 AM
My Spec. Allez has about 2000 miles on it and there is a wobble in the rear wheel (Mavic CXP21). Been riding for quite awhile now like that. Brought it to the LBS to true but they could only do so much since it was probably out of true and had loose spooks when I first started riding it.
Ok for general riding, but now that I'm doing some races, I'm getting anxious that that with every race the spokes are going to blow or something's going to happen to this wheel so in my mind it's time to replace it. Is that a valid reason?

I'm just looking to replace the rear; the front seems ok. I'm looking for something I can race and train outside with, and I'll just use what I have now for an indoor trainer wheel. Does it matter if I run a different wheel on front than the back, ie, not get a matched set?

A previous post mentions Mavic Open Pro's. Might go with that. Otherwise, the LBS has a Helium they'll sell me for about $120 with Mavic hub. What do you think of that wheel for general use? I'm 170 lbs. At this stage in my riding/racing, durability counts over lightness/aero but if I can get a lighter,durable wheel that's not expensive I might as well.

go with the Helium orlonefrontranger
May 10, 2002 2:45 PM
If you're a beater type rider try something like the Mavic Cosmos - reasonable weight, strong and economical. We've got 4 pair in our household each with well over 1000 miles and counting, and one of my sets is on the 'cross bike.

I find them bulletproof, and my SO, who's flirting with 200 lbs. these days hasn't thrown his out of whack after 2000+ miles, and he's a wheel-killer.

Or just purchase a good Mavic rim and the hub of your choice and have the local wheel wizards in your locale make you a home-brew, you won't regret that choice either. No, going with a different back wheel isn't a problem. I raced for years with a dura-ace front and 105 or Ultegra back simply because the dura-ace rear was an old 6-speed thread-on type (put it to use on the fixed-gear).