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Best placing this year?(12 posts)

Best placing this year?LeGrimper
May 9, 2002 2:40 AM
G'day speedy riders,

So how has it been going and have you been in the prize money?

and while we are at it, what is the worst bit of wheel sucking or bad behaviour you have witnessed this season?

I have seen a few shockers and we are only a few weeks into it really!

Roll on the weekend.

Le Grimp.
well, it's early yetlonefrontranger
May 9, 2002 6:40 AM
Okay Grimp, but you can't hang a tasty statement out there without 'fessing up - exactly WHAT shockers have you seen, hmmm? I've experienced the typical shrieking, naughty language and silly tactical errors (my own and others'). The worst (or best, depending on your POV) bit of behavior I've seen so far was the opposing team doubling up to pinch me out / sweep me off my teammate's wheel, with little success I might add, and the ditchside offender wound up cyclo-crossing a bit ;-) Sharp elbows and a bad attitude are assets in bunch sprints.

I came into the season with not enough speed-endurance, but a nice base. Since starting my build phase and adding in the interval work, I've been working my way up through the finishing places nicely. The best I can report to date:

2nd place in a women's 3/4 race, but there weren't a lot of big guns there. 1st place is an animal who dropped me like the sorry sack I am at 5 laps to go. :-P

I was doing unbelievably well in the freezing rain and sleet at a hilly road race a few weeks ago, but midway up the big climb, as I was feeling good at the front with the skinny waifs, I suddenly realized that the reason my seatpost felt weird was that my rear tire had slowly been going flat for well over a mile :-/

7th in the snake-infested crit last Sunday, by way of getting swarmed and cut off in the final corner by a field of twenty-something. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, yadda yadda. I'd have done much better had I bought a clue and attacked with 300 meters to go (100 meters to the final corner).

I've won 3 primes so far and went on an optimistic-but-ultimately-useless breakaway after getting 2nd on another - the prime winner and I had 10 seconds on the field at the line and figured we'd better try to capitalize on the gap. It feels good to be ringing the cash register again!
well, it's early yetJohnG
May 9, 2002 7:15 PM
Sounds like you are doing quite well actually. Keep up the reports..... makes the forum bearable.

good luck with the racing
May 12, 2002 7:40 PM
Cat. 4 Colorado women try to run you off your team mate's wheel? No one even does that in the men's Pro, 1 out here and I know that they don't do it in the Pro womens' field? I have never heard of that before.
Oh, yeslonefrontranger
May 13, 2002 8:34 AM
Don't believe it doesn't go on in Open / Pro/1/2 women's races either. Some of the most evil and aggressive sprints I've ever contested were in Open Women's races back in the Midwest, where cash prizes can often pay deeper than the fields go. I won a $120 crowd prime once at Wendy's/Grandview after nearly getting "planted" in some landscaped road furniture by the opposition with a half-lap to go; adrenaline and some serious bike rage definitely helped me on that one. Of course 2 laps later I was fried and had to drop out, but my point was made for the day I think.

The best mid-sprint fistfight I ever witnessed: Saturn (Wenzel I think) vs. Laura Van Gilder at the '96 Tour de Toona. The Saturn rider was relegated but I'm astonished both of them weren't penalized.

There's a local 35+ women's team here who are all fairly strong (IIIs mostly), and as many as a half-dozen of them show up each week. Since the 4's and 35+ women are always combined, we get the benefit of racing with these gals. They aren't tactically very savvy in some ways (they do a lot of riding at the front for absolutely no reason), but they are definitely aggressive, and as the only other team with multiple riders my team is pretty high on their radar screen.

Prior to me being double-teamed the opposition had been trying to sweep me with alternate riders for some while. It's partly because they feel that those first 5 spots in the field are theirs by rights, and I'm too stubborn to relinquish the wheel I'm on. Pity their weak cornering skills didn't help them ;-) They'd be better off to use their strength in numbers to alternately attack until they launch one or more of their riders, but they are content to sit at the front and respond to everyone else's forays.
Oh, yesSherpa23
May 13, 2002 10:10 AM
You ladies... I find that very interesting. I used to date a pro woman racer and she said that things never got physically aggressive when it came to sprints. In fact, she complained about how easy it was to take wheels in races because all other riders would do was scream at her. That was a couple of years ago, though. Maybe things have changed. In the men's it's a little different. I am not sure about the lower categories but in the Pro, 1 (2's when they are allowed) there is a moderate bit of taking of wheels but nothing like double teaming someone and certainly not knocking anyone off their leadout train. The repercussions from a no-no like that can be ugly, especially here in CO where we see each other race after race when we are in town - although because it's Pro,1,2 here I have seen some 2's get really taken advantage of. That is not to say that no one has tried to take me off a wheel here but, IMO, they were all feeble efforts on their parts because as soon as people realized that a)I can handle myself, b)I can handle myself better than they can and c) they are going to end up on the ground as a result of points a and b, they backed off every time (they usually yell too because that's all they can do). But those incidents have been few and far between and for the most part, I have always thought things were pretty tame. It is very surprising to hear that things get so rough in women's 3/4/35+. Interesting.
Doing AllrightRockyMountainRacer
May 9, 2002 7:21 AM
I got 4th place in my first mountain bike race of the season (Sport 19-24) despite having some really bad luck and having my rear tire deflate right at the start line! It sucked, but my girlfriend helped me out by giving me her wheel which she sprinted to the car to get for me. I lost at least 4 minutes on my class, but I caught most of them. Second mountain bike race is this Sunday, I'm excited and know I'm due for good luck!

In terms of road racing I'm coming along quite nicely. I did my first 4 crits ever this year, and I went from getting dropped on the second lap to getting dropped with 5 to go in my last crit 2 weeks ago. Tuesday night I was able to hang the whole time with my local training crit for the first time, so I'm excited to try my next crit race. It will be in 3 weeks, so hopefully I will be able to hang and maybe do some work at the front in that one.

Bad behavior: Most people are being good sportsmen, but there have been a lot of crashes caused by bonehead moves. The worst behavior I have seen was at my local training crit the other night. Some guy tried to move up in the pack on the inside of a turn, and he suddenly started running out of pavement. He bumped shoulders with another rider in the pack (who wouldn't let him in the paceline in a training crit! Ridiculous!), then richoted off, hit a storm drain, and flew over his handle bars into a row of bushes! Then the guy who bumped shoulders with him yells over his shoulder, "It's there every time around idiot!" (meaning the drain I guess). I don't think it is too necessary to insult someone who just crashed, especially when they could be badly hurt for all you know! Especially when you were involved in the crash, you probably shouldn't say anything. Bad behavior indeed!
Doing Allrightmtber
May 9, 2002 8:47 AM
Hey RMR,
Good job on 4th from 4min back! If you are going to be at Black Forest on Sun, maybe I will see you. I race for Dynatek Racing (red/black/white).
Doing AllrightRockyMountainRacer
May 9, 2002 9:06 AM
Yup, I will be there. Have you done the race before? Black Forest was actually the first race I ever did as I was going to college in Colorado Springs for the last 4 years. It is a very fast course, no technical stuff at all, just a lot of wide gravel park trails. It's almost like a short-track race! I think the criteriums I've been doing should prepare me well for this type of race. Good luck and don't get any flats (knock on wood)!
re: Best placing this year?mixinbeatz
May 9, 2002 8:18 AM
Since I live in the glamorous world of Cat 4 racing, I have no money to show, but this is what I have won so far.

1 pair of med sock guy socks with a stupid bike design.
(socks are med and I wear a 12, gave them to my girlfiend)

1 pair of spokes neoprene and leather gloves
(size large fits well)

1 pair of 8 panel shorts in size med
(I am an 180 pound sprinter so these went to the girlfriend as well)

1 topeak standup pump

Worst wheel sucking would have to be me, but it helps me place.
We're going goodLeGrimper
May 9, 2002 3:53 PM
So what have I seen? Not too bad compared to some of the stories. The drain cover made me laugh. Some people! Life or Death. Yes I take it seriously, why else train but to inflict unnecessary hurt, well thats another story.

I moved countries from UK to Oz and the season for the months is back to front, a little confusing but the weather is better. Much better.

I race out in the country, travelling west from Sydney. Thought the country boys would be a softer touch than the city monsters.


Been lent on HARD in the sprint, sent for some off road, blocked and basically marked from day one due to my legs looking a bit too much in condition for their liking. Most of the language is mine as I dont take too well to being told what to do and when. That said they seem to accept the new boy and I'm getting places.

One guy sat in a 5 man break did nothing for 60 km and then tried to take it out running into the line with the weakest effort ever. I said my bit as I took his wheel and he faded away. You would have to seperate him from his prize money if he managed to pull that lowest of the low off!

We have a couple of State and National champs in the club, which are just awesome to watch and dice with.

Next week is the first of the big inter-clubs, Lots of $$$ up for grabs but then the animals come out of the woodwork.

Into the drops and concentrate.

FIRST. (brag, strut, boast, swagger, gloat) (nm)shirt
May 9, 2002 10:42 PM