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I have a "death shin" :-/(4 posts)

I have a "death shin" :-/distinctHead
May 8, 2002 3:55 PM
I ride (road) about 15-25 miles a day to, from and after work every stinkin' day, and about 30 miles saturday, none on sunday unless i have arrands to run... I don't own a car anyways. I just decided that since all that riding is getting easier, and since i want to get in better shape, that I'd take up running... now, I stretched properly, warmed up, and was definately hydrated... I started running and about 1 mile into it my right shin, then 300 feet later, my left shin started to ache painfully, almost as if they were cramping (pulling my toes towards them or something) and I couldn't go on for a couple of minutes so i had to walk... what causes this and how can i prevent it? am I just out of shape?
eric :)
P.S. forgive the sentence structure I'm really out of breath and I'm on the telephone ;)
Sounds like shin splintsBigburlymtnman
May 8, 2002 4:59 PM
I think that shin splints are when your muscle tears away from your tibia, so that's what you're feeling I guess. Shin splints are caused by strenuous exercise after a period of inactivity. They can also be caused by running on the ball of your foot, and not having regular heel contact. So they say to not run for at least 10 days or so, ice it every night, and avoid hard surfaces (pavement). I used to be somewhat of a runner, not much into it anymore, and that's what I remember from 2 years ago when I had them. Hope this helped.

you have shin splintsshirt
May 8, 2002 11:05 PM
1. Stay off of pavement.
2. Exercise your shins every night and morning in bed. Lie on your belly, hook your feet over the bottom of your mattress and pull up repeatedly until you can't do it anymore.
3. Don't run for a few days after you feel them acting up.
Shin splints...Wayne
May 9, 2002 6:36 AM
is a catch-all term for pain of the anterior lower leg. There are several different conditions which get lumped together from stress fractures of the tibia to compartment syndromes. Basically when you run, your anterior leg muscles must contract eccentrically to deccelerate your foot when your heel strikes the ground, otherwise your foot would slap against the pavement. Sounds like that muscle (tibialis anterior) is either being over worked and cramping, or you have a compartment syndrome which basically means as the muscles swells with the increased blood flow associated with exercise the fascia that envelopes it (the anterior compartment of the lower leg is probably the most notoriously tight muscle enveloping fascia in the whole body) is so tightly bound that the muscle is compressed. Best way to prevent it would be not to run, just bike more! If you insist on running, don't run downhill, run on soft surfaces, and work into it gradually.