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Has CAT 4 changed?(3 posts)

Has CAT 4 changed?fastfinish
May 8, 2002 10:15 AM
Wondering if anyone thinks CAT 4 races have changed over the last couple years.(Mostly road races) I raced through 5 and then 4 back in 98 and 99 in the southeast and then took two years off and I'm back in 4 now. Back in 98/99 5 was as it is now, no organization, large ability gaps, crash fest, and everyone sitting in until the end. When I raced 4 back in 99 though it was a lot of fun. i.e.... teams setting up moves, some break aways, good pace to drop the guys not in the upper half of the group, and decent skill level. We'll upon return to the 4s' this year it seems to be just like the CAT. 5 I remember. After 6 races, all sprint finals, hardly anything going on in the group but people sitting in, and a good size crash somewhere towards the end. Just wondering if any others are seeing the same type of things or I've just been in a boring string of races.
re: Has CAT 4 changed?brider
May 8, 2002 11:48 AM
Well, if what you describe is what's happening, then it has changed since I was racing 4s (several more years ago than '98). I've been out of racing for a couple years, but will return some time in the next couple years. All I can say is, if the race is boring to you, make it interesting, make the moves. If things are as disorganized as you say, a break (even a solo) has a good chance of working.
re: Has CAT 4 changed?fastfinish
May 9, 2002 3:57 AM
I guess I should ad that for my sake this riding around in a group really works out for me because I've always been a good sprinter. Don't really have the physical skills to ride away from any group and stay, you could say I would probally do a Cipo if I were in the Tour....Sprint for some wins from the pack in the first week and then head home when we hit the mountains. Good luck when you get back to the races and maybe my observations are just an early season fluke.