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Buzz worms & other wildlife (cross post)(6 posts)

Buzz worms & other wildlife (cross post)lonefrontranger
May 7, 2002 8:35 AM
OK, it's an old topic but now I'm curious. What's the wildest life YOU've ever seen on the bike? My tally:

* squirrels, squirrels, squirrels (and more squirrels), the bushy-tailed kind, not the 2-wheeled kind. Hit one in an MTB race, clocked him hard on the head with my pedal. He slid under the BB, rolled into a ball, tumbled down between switchbacks, then got up and hollered squirrel-sized epithets at me while I buzzed off down the next switch. I ran completely over a squirrel (ka-thump) with my road bike in a pack once, nothing I could do but he ran off without showing any sign of being affected. Nothing like a good psycho batch of squirrels in a technical crit to make the prime laps fun and frenzied!

* prairie dogs: dumber and more unpredictable than squirrels. They tend to do the go, stop, turn back, run the other way thing - then they lie down flat and "freeze" directly in your path! They're somewhat bigger than squirrels too, so they are potentially a bigger dent in your rim (or your head) if you accidentally hit one.

* 2 rattlesnakes now, one sunning himself on a bend as I came up a long, long dirt road climb on my road bike. It was as good excuse as any to stop on a climb. I went wayyy around thru the ditch, he didn't seem much interested. The one in the race on Sunday was p.o.'d; I don't blame him since all hell broke loose as soon as the field saw him.

* nearly got smacked by a big deer that floated over the fence and bounded across the road in front of me on a foggy morning commute.

* a pro roadie friend of mine says his most surreal race experience by far was when the field hit a duck in a crit, which I witnessed. Feathers everywhere. No one crashed or even flinched (this is why they're pros and we're schmucks), but the poor ol' duck got the short end; he was duck pancake on the next lap.

* don't know if this qualifies as "wildlife" but it was wild; a transsexual complete with trashy Pamela Lee 'do, shoveled-on makeup and big fake boobs raced (and did quite well) in the Women's IV field at Tour de Toona a few years ago.

* a massive herd of elk was milling about within a few dozen yards of the racecourse a couple weeks ago, at the bottom of a wicked descent, natch. Just to add to the whole freezing rain/sleet/fog experience. Elk are big. I don't recommend hitting one.

* I've dodged chickens in a couple rural road races, never hit one thank heavens.

* got chased by a cow on an open space ride last year. Luckily I was going downhill, on the 'cross bike; hurdled 4' of woven wire like Anne Grande on a SuperCup mission (no time to deal with the gate).

* speaking of farm animals, a ride buddy of mine got chased by a miniature billy goat the size of his shoe on a ride in (where else) Kentucky. Funniest g.d. thing I ever saw bar none.

* saw a skunk wandering around the course in a 'cross race; gave that a wide berth.

* hitting a bulldog yields the same results as hitting a cinderblock, and affects the bulldog about the same (as the cinderblock that is)

Your turn!
re: Buzz worms & other wildlife (cross post)climbo
May 7, 2002 8:57 AM
some of those, snakes, deer, skunks, kangaroos etc. but the best I've seen are coyotes and a mountain lion. The lion was right on the MTB trail when I turned a corner and it just stopped right there in my way. I stopped, it stared, I stared back, it stood there for about 10 seconds then ran off in to the woods. I was stoked, it was great to see an animal like that from 20 feet away.
re: Buzz worms & other wildlife (cross post)Fender
May 7, 2002 1:54 PM
- riding alone a newly built road in Mexico, I hear a buzz. Look up and a pigeon is flying straight towards me. I step on the pedals, just in time to hear it slam into the ground.

- about hitting a bulldog... been there, done that. Aftermath, Me =E.R. (on mothers day), bike = deceased, dog = deceased. I guess that's what happens when you are going 24+ mph and the dog runs in front of you.

- a buddy of mine got shot at with a .22 caliber rifle. The bullet hit his rim and went right through it, cause no other damage than a hole in it. The rim is still perfectly true.
re: Buzz worms & other wildlife (cross post)distinctHead
May 7, 2002 6:59 PM
I don't have many experiences but
the nastiest:
I hit a squirrel on my road bike going downhill at 60 miles per hour and it got all over my shoes (not to mention my spokes) and caused me to nearly fly off...
the funniest:
Everyone swallows at least 1 bug while out riding... I dodged a fly and hit my head on a branch... :-/ didn't do any damage to me tho.
re: Buzz worms & other wildlife (cross post)Thoth2
May 8, 2002 9:54 AM
This is fun.

1. hit a squirrel w/ Rev-X's and sliced him in half (I was going downhill at 40+ mph. The carbon frayed a little. I think he jumped or something. I have no idea how he got into the wheel circle).
2. Copperhead in the middle of a mtb trail. Sunning himself, paying no mind. He heard us coming and got all pissed off and coiled up. My friend didn't even stop. He bunny hopped him. I went around.
3. Black bear w/ cub. Stayed well away from them.
4. Saw a red wolf(!) coming back from a ride once. Damndest thing I ever saw. I thought they were extinct here in VA, but I've since learned that they have come back/ been reintroduced.
5. Cow sprints.
6. Dog sprints. I carry pepper spray now.
7. Rooster sprints.
8. I once heard a bullet whiz by my head while I was out on the rural roads.
re: Buzz worms & other wildlife (cross post)Fender
May 8, 2002 10:42 AM
bugs taste good, plus they carry a fairly good ratio of protein and fat.