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Training a scoped knee?(2 posts)

Training a scoped knee?brevard
May 6, 2002 8:12 PM
I'm a 36 yr. old sport class MTB racer trying to get back to race shape and form. 45 days after 2hour arthroscopic surgery, I'm riding my road bike long medium pace only, to get base training I missed in early spring. Bad knee leg has 75% of muscle back. I can't stand up off saddle without discomfort yet. I can climb big hills slowly. Should I lower my gearing and spin on big climbs or just tough it out to build muscle back??? I'm also attending physical therapy 3x/week for 5 weeks now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, James.
re: Training a scoped knee?cp123
May 6, 2002 8:58 PM
Hi James - I had a knee sliced and diced late last year. Due to significantly more damage than was initially expected, I was not allowed to ride for quite a while. Then when i did, it was no big hills, no big gears and no falling off in case i undid it. I wasn't allowed to "load" the joint for at least 10 weeks, although i began to ride gently on a trainer during this time.

When i got going again I had a great deal of difficulty in getting out of the saddle at all, and no pushing power up any sort of hill. And general balance was just not there. (I should say my whole leg had been wonky and unable to straighten properly since a crash early last year). Physio has gotten some strength back, although i have limited conscious control of the vastus medialis muscle. On a good day now i can straighten my leg 180 degrees. Some days its good, others not so good. But I can do what I want now, I'm just a bit limpy when i walk. especially after sitting down a while.

If i were you, I wouldn't push the big gears. I did a few months of gentle easy riding just to get movement back. But my leg let me know when i was pushing it too hard. I couldn't start specific leg strengthening exercises for a while afterwards. Even now, mine is not the same as it used to be. But be guided by what your physio says. good luck!