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On the go fuel foods without too much sugar for diabetics(2 posts)

On the go fuel foods without too much sugar for diabeticsAIR
May 6, 2002 7:24 PM
I'm a diabetic who is just getting into roadbiking, and eventually, triathlon. I'm on a lower carb, high protein diet. What I would like to know is what I should bring along as fuel for the long rides. I don't want to take the energy gels because I'm afraid that they would be too much sugar. But, I CANNOT get a low blood sugar either. A small amount of sugar is ok, but I want something that'll give me energy without the risk of raising my blood sugar too much. This is all an experiment to find what'll work best for me. I also don't eat anything that has milk products in it. I would appreciate any help given.
this sounds like a good one for pelotonlonefrontranger
May 7, 2002 7:47 PM
maybe work with something along the lines of HammerGel? I'm not sure whether this is a gimmick or not, but this particular product uses long-chain complex carbs rather than simple sugars for their formulation; I'm assuming this would make it lower on the glycemic index.

A former teammate of mine is a Type I diabetic. He always carried orange juice in one of his bottles, don't know if that would help.

You really need to carefully work through what is right for you. BTW always carry a cell phone with you on training rides and let your spouse/friend/SO know where you're going and when you plan to be back. That may sound silly but my teammate started doing this after he went hypo on some rides and woke up in a ditch with no idea how he got there.

I'll ask my SO's teammate, we've not had this particular discussion but he's a competitive Cat III who rides and races with an insulin pump in his jersey pocket.