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Opinions on this frame/fork(4 posts)

Opinions on this frame/forkBryanJL
May 6, 2002 11:28 AM

Investigated this link from a previous post. Any opinions on this frame/fork, dealer, etc? Quoted $1099 for frame/fork, Ultegra kit, Cosmos wheels.

Couldn't find any info on Tsunami's site regarding this frame.

Typical questions arise, of course--warranty, reputation, too good to be true, and of course, fit of frame (again, unsure of sizing equiv--ride a 58 conventional).

Thanks for your thoughts,

May 6, 2002 11:40 AM
I don't know anything about the geometry or how it stacks up to something like, say a TCR.

However, the SimpleGreen / Mazda team is the 800-lb gorilla of the Masters ranks out here, and they seem to love their Tsunamis. I see eight or nine of these frames every weekend, rocketing at 30-35mph around the local crit courses, powered by the mighty thews of the "greenie-meanies" as they're nicknamed. No complaints and nothing broken. They've ridden these frames for at least 2 seasons.

As far as sizing, I would assume if they're normal "standard compact" sizing, i.e. 44cm for small; 50cm for medium that you'd be on the upper end of compatible for the Medium with a long seatpost. Most of the SG/M guys ride mediums.
great dealFender
May 6, 2002 12:31 PM
well, I don;t ride one, but I've seen many of them in the San Diego area. From my understanding they are custom made frames and the sell for a whole lot more than 295. If thats the price they're asking for, go for it. just try to get more pictures to see if you can spot any dents or cracks..
great dealjustina
May 9, 2002 9:58 AM
These are not the CA built Tsunamis. They are kinesis frames built in Taiwan and sold by Chuck's. That said, I'm thinking 'bout one myself. They are super cheap, compact geo AL with a CF seatpost makes for a pretty comfy ride, but stiff in the sprint.