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Racng with a Lung Problemskip work to ride
May 3, 2002 9:19 PM
I am day 5 into Biazin XL medication for Bacterial Bronchitis. I think I got it after doing a super hard training race. (I hit 204 and 210 on my Polar HR). The next morning I started coughing. Doc says it came from running myself down...

Any suggestions in riding during this (Doc's said 10 days total recovery). I didn;t ask him about riding hard/racing? I have an important stage race in two and half weeks. The help is appreciated.
re: Racng with a Lung ProblemJon Billheimer
May 4, 2002 6:32 AM
Take the time off now and recover or you might find yourself not racing at all for a long time. Remember the "Zatopek phenomenon": well placed rest and healing will produce a stronger performance down the road, and possibly salvage your season for you.
re: Racng with a Lung Problemyammi
May 4, 2002 2:28 PM
i'm arecent convert to mtbiking and road cycling from ultra distance trail running. 2 years ago after running 33 miles in the mountains during a race.the effort pushed me to the limit and 2 weeks later i developed bronchitus but kept training for another week hoping to break it. mistake!!!it got so bad i went on ventolin inhaleers for a week and couldn't get the mail without getting short of breath.allin all due to my stupidity i had bronchitus from november untilmid january when my lungs finally cleared.whats really sad as i'm a respiratory therapist who should have known most just do light spinning for about 40 min. but only after taking off until your symptom free for a week.if you don't take the long period to recupe you'll just get sick again like happened to me. be lzzy for acouple weeks!a great cure for bronchitus is copious amounts of wings and beer!!! good luck.
May 5, 2002 5:18 PM
Trust me on this one, DO NOT DO IT!!!! Two summers ago I decided to do my first few mountain bike races. I really did not know anything about training or racing at the time, was using biking as cross-training for another sport that I was very competitive in, and so thought I could just jump in and be a good mountain bike racer. I had only been riding a bike for about a year (at the most) when I did these few races, and it was strictly mountain biking, so my body was not ready for this kind of strain (I decided to start right at the Sport level, yes I am an idiot). I developed bronchitis after the second race, probably from pushing myself too hard like yourself. I got on the antibiotics, was getting better, then tried a third race. This is when I relapsed and had to take almost a month off the bike to recover. So please for the love of God take the time off now to recover or you will regret it. Do not do any hard efforts that make you breathe hard untill your lungs clear. For me, the hard breathing was what I think really made me relapse.

I'm sorry about your important stage race, but you might have to miss it. Face the facts, no matter what you do now the bronchitis is going to destroy your form for the race. You need to take a look at the big picture and not hurt your fitness any more than you have to. Get better before you start racing/training hard again!! Look ahead to the long summer of racing we have ahead of us and don't make a mistake that could cause you to miss all that like I did 2 years ago--it sounds like I'm still regretting my mistake doesn't it??!!
DON'T RACE WITH BRONCHITIS!!!skip work to ride
May 7, 2002 11:47 AM
If you contracted this from a hard session/race, how do we not prevent it in the future? If your body is susceptable to the illness, wouldn't we get it again if we strain ourselves this hard?

I guess I am going to cancel my race calendar for the ret of May and maybe June. Any suggestions for after the rest session? I am assuming a base session or two for races in August?