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Crashes and Catagory Racingmixinbeatz
May 1, 2002 2:08 PM
This weekend, I had my first bad crash in a road race. It was by far the sketchiest race of the year. The whole race I was fearing for my life because of all the hairy riding in the pack. We all knew the sprint would be hairy and even talked about it on the last lap. I ended up getting boxed in during the sprint when someone went down in front of me. Over the bars I went at 35 mph and broke my frame and my helmet. My question is this... in your racing experience does racing get safer as you upgrade to Cat 3? I am slowly healing, and my mental outlook on racing has not been effected, but I also don't like these kind of races where you fear for you life more than you can enjoy the ride. Let me know what you think.
My experiences.JS
May 1, 2002 2:17 PM
I started as a 5 last year and upgraded to a 3 at the start of this year and my experince in crits is that the crashes still happen but for different reasons. In 4/5's it seemed most of the crashes were from either guys just doing bonehead move and not knowing how to race in a pack or guys being so tired their reaction times were shot. In 3's it seems most of the crashes are from agressive raciing, guys stuffing it into the last corner where ther is nowhere to go. Now in RR it is waayyy safer in 3's, you can rub shoulders at 30mph and guys don't freak out which is why I mostly stick to RR now.
re: Crashes and Catagory Racingbrider
May 2, 2002 7:39 AM
Brock, is that you? Was this the Tour of Walla Walla?
re: Crashes and Catagory Racingmixinbeatz
May 2, 2002 7:54 AM
Yep, Brock here and it was the Tour of Walla Walla.
re: Crashes and Catagory Racingbrider
May 2, 2002 8:46 AM
Saw your race report (and a lot of others) bandied about the Seattle Velo mailing list. Sorry to hear your plight, and hope all goes well with the healing and bike replacement. Man, brings back some memories. Just ask Barry about the Rosalia Hammerfest.
re: Crashes and Catagory Racinglitespeed
May 6, 2002 4:33 PM
I thought at first you were a teammate of mine who crashed at the Athens Twilight Criterium.
A friend of mine (and teammate) had a 35 mph crashed as a Cat 3 during the final sprint at Twilight. His frame broke in two pieces. Like you, he went over the bars, but his face took more impact than his helment. He got broken teeth, nose and upper lip was torn off.
I wish I could say things would be safer as a 3, but it's bike racing. As the others said the bike handling skills do improve with time.