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My race is in an hour, again.(8 posts)

My race is in an hour, again.Qubeley
Apr 30, 2002 1:38 PM
Hey, it's Tuesday again. And for me, it means race day.
Like last Tuesday, there's always something to give me a headache, this time it is the rain.
It just rained, the streets are wet, the temperature is 51 degree, with 10mph wind. The race is supposed to hold rain or shine. So, it should be on.
Normally, I wouldn't ride in weather like this. But it's the race! Second one in the season. My legs are hunger for race right now. I am going, baby!
So, here I am, decided to go. Dressed up, shorts, jersey and rain coat. Posting a thread so time pass by quicker, for myself and for all the people at work. Funny, my shoe cover doesn't prevent rain, my shoes get wet just as quick as when I don't wear them.
I don't know how many people are going to show up. I am hoping at least 15. I am curious, do you guys race when it rains? What's the turn up in your local races when it rains?
It's 5:32 now, I will be moving in 15 min. Hope I can have better legs this time, my stomach... why do I always feel my stomach before the race? It rarely happens on the non-racing days. on well...
One last donut before I go...yum, yum..
I'm racing in the rain.......Fender
Apr 30, 2002 2:22 PM
dude..theres nothing better than racing when its raining!!! I;ve done some really hard races when its raining and despite the coldness, slippery pavement, water splashing in your face, I'd do it any time any where!!! most people usually freak out and don't race when its raining cause it will make there $3,000+ bike get dirty.. but me... I don't care!!! plus, these type of races make for great stories and always impress other riders when you tell them.... like the time I broke away at San Luis Obispo with three guys from the same team, while it was hailing and I won!!!!
Wet feet again.allervite
Apr 30, 2002 3:01 PM
Try buying some of that spray on waterproofing stuff at a hiking or skiing shop. It should keep your feet pretty dry. I use it on my MTB shoes and am impressed. It wears off fairly quickly though
I am back and here's the reportQubeley
Apr 30, 2002 4:50 PM
Well, the weather actually cleared up for the race, and a good number of people showed up.
There's a tough group this time, I recognized one guy that I know is strong. I knew this is gonna be a tougher race than last time, so I took it easy at the beginning. Maybe everybody else realized it, the pace is rather wierd, sometimes someone make a move and everybody jumps, and other times no one is willing to lead that you actually have to break in the back. Quite a few people seemed interested in the aggressive rider prize, almost every lap there're a few guys going for the line. Not me, being a small rider with very low stammia and tiny musles, I had to save it for the finish. Maybe I still lack experience, I couldn't stay calm when the "big guy" made moves, I was afraid he would have a breakaway, and I chased the first few moves. Then I realized nobody is capable of doing it, so I sit back a bit, but the chases had cost me some legs. For the rest of the race I was just sitting casually in the middle section. Let other riders ride ups and downs.
I think I am decently fit for cycling, I have no trouble to stay in the front or back if I wish to. Didn't suffer much at all.
Final lap, I was in 5/6 place following the leaders closely. Luckily I found myself in the "big guy"'s wheel, perfect place. 200 meters to the line, everybody goes sprinting, I knew I don't have much, I tried to jump as late as possible, and lost "big guy"'s wheel. One other guy came up past me. Then I jumped, only to find out I am in one gear too small, spinning like mania, and not going too fast. On the line I throw my bike hoping to pip the other guy, but I did a little early and missed 5th place($5). Only if I was in a larger gear...
It was a good race, averaging 24/25 mph. Two races into the season, I had one 7th place, one 6th place. I am happy.
Sounds like you did a good job reading the race. (nm)allervite
May 1, 2002 7:53 AM
Nice race Qmikebikr
May 1, 2002 12:59 PM
I knew i couldn't outsprint those guys at the end, so I was happy to get some excellent interval work attacking. It was fun going for the most aggresive rider payout and making people work a little. It's kind of boring sitting in and holding back for the end. Oh well. I'll never win one of these crits, but I'm getting some great work in and training for bigger events.

See you next Tuesday!

Yeah, MikeQubeley
May 1, 2002 3:20 PM
I wish I can take some sprint points. But the pace is pretty high, and I was not sure how deep I can dig, don't want to blow up before finish, I have a very shallow reserve. I agree, it is not as exciting as attacking.
You know what, one thing I learnt from first two races is that the final sprint is not just about your explosive power, position is soooo important. It is crucial you go to the front the last lap. The pace really isn't that much faster on the last lap, You can definitely move to the top 5/6 position if you try, some people don't seem to realize that. Sitting in the back make it way more difficult, strong guys are already in the front, what's you chance catching them when they are ahead of you and going all out? Stay in 5/6/7, follow someone strong, with your ability, you should have no problem taking at least 8th. Top three is hard, but 4--8th is pretty easy to take, but you have to be in there before the final bent. For the first two races, my final placings are not much different from my position in the final lap.
Next time, I 'll try to go even more to the front(3/4), see what happens.
I was led out by the wrong guymikebikr
May 2, 2002 6:12 AM
I got on the wheel of a guy who had attacked strong early in the race. I thought he would drag me in. He faded with about 150 meters left. I jumped around him but had no other wheels to catch, so I soloed in. Have to pick a stronger rider next time. Who's wheel did you catch?? I'm looking for Doug, the bodybuilder, or the dude from Hites next week!

Hills tonight! YEAH!