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Bike for training/TTjjdbike
Apr 30, 2002 11:26 AM
Hi folks. Looking for some educated advice from the seasoned roadies. I am buying my first road bike. I'm a relativley serious MTBer. I'll use the road bike for endurance training and social rides. I want to try TT racing. I want to use it to help me w/ my MTB race intensity. Don't want to have to deal w/ mass start stratagy / drafting/ etc... So my question is how important is aerodymanics vs weight in TT. The area I live in is rolling hills, and tends to be windy. I am a puney little climber and I like to spin at high cadence in med gears. Specificly I am comparing the Giant TCR-1 to the Giant TCR Aero. Apparently the aero tubes add a .8lb weight penelty.
Since drafting isn't an issue for me, and because of the hills and my style/body type, weight is a big factor, what do you think? Is the added .8lbs worth being aero for TT? Any advice is geatly appreciated!!!Thanks:)
re: Bike for training/TTmixinbeatz
Apr 30, 2002 12:47 PM
I would buy the TCR-1, because of the better components and get some aero bars for TTing. I race a TCR-0 and find the geometry with syntace bars perfect for TTing. Weight doesn't give you much of an advantage in a TT(unless it is pretty hilly) and I don't think that the frame is aerodynamic enough to make much difference. I don't know the geometry of the TCR Aero, but I do know that the standard TCR is a great all around bike that works excellent for TTing with a few tweaks.
re: Bike for training/TTbrider
Apr 30, 2002 1:51 PM
Lighter weight in the hills is going to make much more difference than aero on the flats. Go with the lighter bike.
well, aero makes little difference.jw25
May 2, 2002 11:59 AM
or so I've read. The wheels are one thing - aero wheels do make a difference. They move a lot faster than the frame, though, so effects are magnified. The "standard" TCR frame is pretty aero already, and .8 lbs is significant, especially for a smaller rider.
So, go for the normal frame, get some good bars, and have fun. I love TT's, but I'm also a mtb'er, so we're practicing every race, anyway.