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Tour De Warsaw D-20(3 posts)

Tour De Warsaw D-20James Curry
Apr 30, 2002 7:12 AM
Was a great course! Beautiful enclosure, nice wheat fields all around! There were few technical turns, but everyone seemed to not be braking as much as other races i've been in so far! We got the whole road for most of the course and even a motor paced start-JUST LIKE NASCAR!!! Yeah, we also got red-flagged just like Nascar for being overtaken by the elders! They simply laughed as they passed us!

Three distinct climbs gave the 27 mile loop a positive rating in my book! Very short and steep little sprinter hills! Definately anaerobic intensity. Screw it, recover on the way down!

So I managed to pick up some of LFR's tips, one of which is arrive on the start-line with a clear goal in mind. My goal this particular race was to finish out the first lap with the pack and I did! It was a very fast 27 miles! Again, I think we averaged 23 mph!

Props to whoever (Cat 4) was pulling 41 mph down the gradual slope to the second hill! That's what I hit in the middle of the pack.

The second climb occurred immediately after a left turn! SLowed everybody down a good bit, and it was steep! So little gear was used by most everybody! I realized early on that I would reach my goal because I was going to be a Stubborn SOB and not give up. I also realized that what I did to stay up for that first lap would not be repeated again THAT DAY and here's why.

As we crested the second climb I happened to look down at my HRM. Yeah, it read 203. That's my max. But there was a small problem and it was that everybody up front, who had crested that same hill about 10 seconds earlier was already picking up the pace.

So I spun out on top in the 39/23 hard back to catch them and did! one minute later, HR=203!

What's fascinating to me, primarily, is that alone, going as hard as hard can be for me, I will never break 196. Maybe on a group ride I will see over 200, but never hold it for one minute!

I guess the navy Seals are right: your body is capable of 10 times what you think it is. Their slogan for being in pain is mind over matter: 'If you don't mind, it doesn't matter'. Anyway, Shoot, I am just enthusiastic to see my Winter hours pay off!!!

The Tour De Warsaw is a great course and was a learning experience for me. I didn't do the TT Sunday, but heard it was Water World.
re: Tour De Warsaw D-20Wayne
Apr 30, 2002 8:05 AM
I was in the 4/5 field also, sounds like maybe you didn't hang on for all of the 2nd lap? That's a shame because we caught the elders, and submitted them to the same humiliation they had so gratiously heaped on us earlier.
Yeee Haawwww!James Curry
May 1, 2002 4:41 AM