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advice thinking about racing in the rain today(2 posts)

advice thinking about racing in the rain todayishmael
Apr 28, 2002 6:43 AM
its a crit and its supposed to pour all day. Someone told me they love to race in the rain but i dont know, seems sketchy, i dont like turning fast on wet surfaces. any advice...i also wear glasses, will that be a problem once they get water running down not excited for sitting on someones tail and getting sprayed on for 20 plan is to go big, break from the pack and keep going to either a gloryous win or at the least a great workout in the wetness. I imagine the rain should help a break away and hamper the pack.. four turns, mile course, flat, valley forge pa. doing the 4's....what should i wear to help against the rain (a hat possibly?)... its about 70 degrees i think.
re: racing in the rain todayallervite
Apr 28, 2002 9:12 AM
I like it because I know almost everyone else hates it. If a guy like you shows up to the race with a, I'd rather be home playing with Legos so I'll try something that will likely put me out of contention quickly, attitude, that gives me a better chance. So buck up and start thinking about how you can conquer this.

Glasses are a problem in the rain, but don't neccessarily disqualify your chances. Try to ride between or just to the side of all the spraying wheels. Stay to the inside of the corners as the guys who slide out shoot to the outside of the corner. A thin hat is not a bad idea, neither is a rain cape.

A break away does have a better chance in the rain as the weather does hurt the morale, but be smart about it; and remember everyone else has wet feet and cold noses also.