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Mi license says Unattached. Do I have to register this way?(3 posts)

Mi license says Unattached. Do I have to register this way?Bruno S
Apr 27, 2002 5:43 PM
There is a sur-charge for unattached riders but I am a member of a club. Can someone explain to me how this works?
re: Mi license says Unattached. Do I have to register this way?JohnG
Apr 27, 2002 6:22 PM
My license says the same thing. :(

Assuming you're a member of a club/team, email your local USCF rep and ask for instructions. Likely they will tell you to xerox your license and send it back to the district office along with info re your club. That's what I was told to do. It's not clear to me why they didn't use the bike club that I listed on my application. I'm sending in the photo copy and info on Monday.

If you aren't a club/team member then you will possibly end up paying an unattached fee. It seems to me that this unattached fee issue can be hit/miss issue depending on how busy the sign-up folks are.

I'd be real curious if anyone knows the ins/outs of the club/team deal. The bike club I'm a member of has about 500 people and the vast majority of them are recreational riders. However, there are a handfull of racers in the club. The response from the district person said:
"Note, most of the time your license comes back unattached is because of one of two reasons;
1. You have used the incorrect name of the club
2. Club is not current

I'm not sure what "Club is not current" means. ???? It sort of implies that the club is not listed with the USCF as a race club. If that's the case then I'm probably out of luck.

Club membershipBipedZed
Apr 27, 2002 7:09 PM
The club you belong to must be a club member of the licensing organization in order to be recognized as an official club. For instance, if your race is USCF then your club should have paid club membership dues to USCF in order to be recognized, otherwise you will be considered unatttached.