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newbie rider wonders about racing(4 posts)

newbie rider wonders about racingnyedid
Apr 27, 2002 12:47 PM
i'm a newbie cyclist, but i've been in competitive athletics before (rowing). so i'm wondering: are all cat 5 races crits? What would the format be if it were not a crit? I don't know anything about racing and would like some more info, if someone could just explain it all to me.
re: newbie rider wonders about racingflyinbowlofmilk
Apr 27, 2002 4:45 PM
No not all Cat 5 races are crits. You have some road races and some time trials. First of all crits are short races done up to 1 mile or more, with some sharp turn and uphills. That not to mention the speed endurance factor. Road races are very drifferent from Crits. They consist of many factors that will help decided who win the race. And last but not least is the time trials,which cosist of a a race against the clock to see who gets the best time out of all the racer who are competing. I hope that this can share some light on racing. Consisdering I am a new Cat5 racer.
To elaborateKerry
Apr 28, 2002 6:27 AM
Crits are typically "30 minutes plus 3 laps" or something like that for a Cat 5 (beginner class). In other words, a short time. Pace is typically intense for several laps, easy for a couple, and back up. Road races are typically longer, though for Cat 5 they are not real common, and would seldom be more than 40 miles. Road races might be on a circuit (e.g. 5-10 mile loop), point to point, or a single loop. Many of the tactics are the same, and if there is a hill or strong headwind section, stronger riders use these places are used to break up the race. The main difference is that in a road race, there is not the constant cornering and accelerations out of each corner. You still have speed changes, but they are more in the form of stustained efforts than constant jumps out of corners. Finishing tactics are very similar - you have to be there to place and the pace gets very high. You have to do a few of these to gain the understanding of the flow of the race.
re: newbie rider wonders about racingbrider
Apr 29, 2002 9:23 AM
No, not all cat 5 races are crits, they just happen to be one of the easiest races to put on, so there are a lot of them (and they tend to cater to the US short-attention-span mentality). Usually the cat 5s will be combined with the cat 4s.