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LT hr question (might be a stupid one....)(4 posts)

LT hr question (might be a stupid one....)Gall
Apr 27, 2002 9:03 AM
hello again...

as i get more fit and become more fast should my LT HR go up or down?

today i was doing some LT work. My LT is (at least i thought it was) 175. today i had a hard time getting my HR up over 170. BUT i felt stronger and faster.

what am i doing wrong?

Some Say Yes...Some Say NoBigLeadOutGuy
Apr 27, 2002 10:38 AM
I have heard that as you get more fit your LT HR goes up a few beats or sometimes it doesnt even change at all. Of course the fitter you are the harder you have to work to get to your LT HR. If you are having trouble reaching your LT HR you should start to monitor your resting heart rate. An elevated resting HR is a sure sign of overtraining....when you become overtrained you will have trouble getting your HR to your LT. Take a few days off to make sure you are fully recovered than when you wake up take your resting HR...this will be your normal resting heart rate. after a hard training session check your resting HR when you wake...if it is 5 or more beats highr than your normal resting HR you need to take it east and do some active recovery.
Hope this helps
heart ratepeloton
Apr 27, 2002 6:37 PM
Heart rate is a funny thing affected by a lot of variables. Heat, humidity, and hydration just to name a few can all have an effect on your heartrate when resting or riding. I have a hard time stating that someone has a LT or OBLA (Onset of blood lactate accumulation) of a certain number like 175 for example, because it can change some, even from day to day. I just use HR as a guide, and watch it in conjunction with percieved effort to guide how training is going. You sound like you are doing this here.

Generally, as you get more fit your heart rate will go down because your stroke volume of your left ventricle has gotten larger. As your stroke volume goes up, the lining of the heart also gets a better pre-stretch, resulting in better systolic return. Your heart doesn't have to work as hard at the same level of exertion. Your LT will also go up as you get more fit due to your circulatory system's ability to clear lactate out of your muscles goes up. Your muscles will also produce less lactate because there are more mitochondria and enzymes to break down pyruvate. You simply become more efficient at aerobic work.

Simply said, your heart gets bigger and can do more. Your muscles get better at aerobic exercise and get bogged down by lack of O2 less, and so LT goes up. Heart rate is a guide. Don't worry about it if it isn't exactly the same from day to day. Only get worried if you have a heart rate that is elevated by 5-6 beats per minute in the morning combined with feelings of lethargy. That's overtraining. The rest will change some.
Level of fitnessVeloflash
Apr 28, 2002 10:58 AM
When you are unfit your HR shoots up rapidly and drops slowly. When you are fit the opposite occurs. An unfit rider will see (fleeting?)readouts on his HRM that become difficult to achieve as he gets fitter.

A lot of fit riders have difficulty in training on the flats at riding on or near their perceived or real LT (this poster included). I find riding long false flats where my cadence is not affected, like in real hill climbs, produces a consistent near to LT performance in training.