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I would love to...(2 posts)

I would love to...RockyMountainRacer
Apr 25, 2002 9:02 AM
...but I can't. I really can't get out of work here in downtown Denver untill after 5:00. I work for a small company, so I feel really guilty if I duck out early more than once a week (and I already used that on Tuesday for the Meridian crit). Let me know if you folks plan on doing an mtb ride at Apex or White Ranch later in the evening as the summer goes on.

Also, please post on when you are riding the course at Bear Creek for the Battle at the Bear. I'd love to join you for a preview of that course. I'm getting really excited for my first mtb race of the season! Have fun this aftnernoon and stay warm--I don't think it's suppossed to warm up much today.
uh...I was trying to reply to the post below.RockyMountainRacer
Apr 25, 2002 10:14 AM