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PM Apex ride for front rangers(5 posts)

PM Apex ride for front rangersmtber
Apr 25, 2002 7:59 AM
Hey guys and gals,
Im meeting some friends at Apex at 3:45-4:00 this PM for about a 2hr ride with some short hill ints. Anyone care to join?
Sounds funBipedZed
Apr 25, 2002 8:29 AM
Although what is with the cold and cloudy 37 degrees right now???

I'm usually pretty focused on the road through the end of June (state road race championships). July and August I start getting back on the MTB for some variety and this year I really want to race Tipperary Creek as an Expert.

Apex and Falcon were my favorite after work rides. But on the weekends I like White Ranch the best. Maybe later in the season we could hook up for a White ride and I'll be sure to tune up before hand so I don't completely embarrass myself.

A few years back some Boulder locals took me on a very cool ride where we rode the RTD with our bikes up to Nederland. Then we climbed all sorts of cool single track up above Nederland and then descended all the way back to Boulder. Very very fun.
Ned rideslonefrontranger
Apr 25, 2002 11:55 AM
I absolutely love riding up in Ned, so if you're interested in doing more of these later on in the year, let us know - John and I are huge Nederland fans and there's miles of singletrack up there.

I plan to have the new MTB built just about the time you'll be wanting to take a break after State and do some fun dirt rides. Don't worry about doing any tuneups if you ride with us because I'm personally the worst MTB technician who ever graced Sport class. I'm a total roadie: as long as the trail is smooth, I'm hammers, but the slightest little rock, twig or downhill section tends to precipitate a full-on, both-hands-clenching-the-brakes panic. I'm even stupider about drop-ins. In other words, don't ride behind me :)

It's best to go up fairly early on a Sunday, when the trails and buses are less crowded. I'm a member of BOA (Boulder Off-Road Alliance), and they regularly organize these kinds of Ned shindigs.
re: PM Apex ride for front rangersddb
Apr 25, 2002 11:28 AM
I would love to, but i live in Chicago, i was in Denver over spring break and rode APEX,it was a blast, and a lot more climbing than im used to.

Have a good ride
Work too far northlonefrontranger
Apr 25, 2002 11:31 AM
I work in Longmont/Gunbarrel and can't get out of here before 5 anyhow :(

I'll be there in spirit!