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Double or Triple??(3 posts)

Double or Triple??wnkook
Apr 22, 2002 4:35 PM

I'm about to purchase a road bike, going to be ginving some racing a try and was wondering. Double or Triple Chainring??

re: Double or Triple??da cyclist
Apr 22, 2002 5:30 PM
If you want to race, go with a double. End of story. Unless you live on the side of a mountain or something, you probably won't have a problem using a 39x23 as a bailout gear. If that's not enough though, you can always get a 12-25 or 27 cassette. That should be enough for just about anybody to climb just about anything.
double for me, chocolate with m&m's - for serious racers nmclimbo
Apr 23, 2002 1:12 PM