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LFR - Missed you at CarterBipedZed
Apr 22, 2002 6:19 AM
Hey there,

As you know by now I skipped Carter, which according to my teammate, was the right decision. It was a nice mental health day actually as I did nothing but sit on the couch and watch playoff hockey.

Unfortunately my coach is making me skip the AST crit this Sunday in preparation for Gila. I'll be doing 4 repeats up Lookout Mountain on Saturday and then I'm supposed to ride easy and rest until the Gila starts. I will be at AST to support and watch my teammates at 2:30.

I'm definitely in for the Elam Classic in Grand Junction and doing Platte Bridge this year over Memorial Day weekend. If you haven't gotten a hotel room yet for Platte Bridge get on that as I called last night and the hotel is filling up quickly.

See you at AST maybe?
you sure didn't miss muchlonefrontranger
Apr 22, 2002 10:47 AM
John booked a couple rooms for Platte Bridge early this month. We're already registered.

I got to do wheel support for the Cat III men at Carter. It rained, it iced, it snowed, then the sun briefly came out, then it sort of dried up, then it sleeted, hard. It was awesome! Real Cat 1 spring racing weather. It didn't quite qualify for HC weather as it wasn't raining/sleeting/snowing hard enough. The 3's looked pretty miserable; I saw a lot of guys flailing around with various layers, and we got a lot of dropped gloves, rain slickers, etc... from the moto official. The ones dropped off the main pack all had that roach-backed, hollow-eyed glazed-over look I've seen on the faces of many of my competitors right before I rode away.

This is absolutely my kind of racing weather; cold, sleeting and everyone else was miserable. I piled on the embrocation, put sandwich bags in my shoes, greased up my legs, slathered some Vicks on my chest, threw a rain cape over the whole reeking mess, and was snug as a bug in a rug.

The women's IV field was so cold and disheartened that the Junior 13-14s rode through us. I think we must have been going about 12mph. You are right about Zipps in the rain, incidentally, but I guess I had to learn the lesson for myself. They're definitely no good on the descent! I raced well, but my rear tire went flat kinda medium slow (not your typical sewup "gunshot" flat) about a mile from the main section of the climb. I didn't realize it until I got to the 2nd switchback. I kept thinking my seatpost was loose or something because it was squirrelling around and I don't have much experience with tubies. Finally I looked down right before we hit that last steep bit, and sure 'nuff, flatter than a pancake. And I was with the lead group, too! Rats. I didn't bring any spares, and you get no love from neutral support when you ride Campy 10. John was right there with the van, so I climbed in and cussed for a minute because I felt great and was climbing with the leaders, well within myself, and apparently with a flat rear tire! Woulda, coulda, shoulda, but anyhow.

I can't complain because that's exactly the second time in my entire racing career that I've flatted in either a road or MTB race where it meant I'd lose position. I've flatted a few times in crits, but have always been able to take a free lap.

Speaking of crits, I did the CU Spring Crit on Sunday at the research park. It started out kinda breezy and cold, and about 30 minutes into our race, the classic Boulder straight-line tornado hit. Half the official's scaffolding and most of the marking tape wound up in the middle of the course, and the registration tents blew away. I loved it. With 5 laps to go, the scaffolding came down onto the course about 20 meters behind us, causing all sorts of mayhem and freaking out the field, so while all the heads were swiveling, I went like a racehorse out of the starting gate. This split things nicely in our favor, but I took third sitting up in pure disgust after trying to lead out our sprinter, who went too soon up the wrong side of the road, which bollixed the finale. She is a 100-meter snap sprinter, so when she jumped away with 250 meters to go, it gapped me, a klingon jumped on her wheel, and I couldn't get across in time to sweep, so the other rider took the sprint after my teammate predictably blew up 100 meters from the line. This the one (there's one on every team) who has that unholy combination of aggression, enthusiasm, training discipline and talent - coupled with no brains, no handling skills, no tactical savvy and an utterly uncoachable attitude. I thought afterwards that it might have been a good object lesson for me to have taken the sprint from her, but I doubt it would have sunk in and I didn't need the baggage.

Hope to see you at AST, racing or no!
You rock. Period.BipedZed
Apr 22, 2002 11:37 AM
I heard the morning races were absolutely hellish. My 4 teammate pulled out after a lap due to ice on his glasses and helmet. Just the fact that you suited up and were on the starting line means you are a stud. And I mean that in the best possible way! Sucks about the flat though as it sounded like things were going well. Zipps are frightening in the wet aren't they? Especially downhill. I'm getting some Kool Stop black pads for the Gila, I'll let you know how they work.

Yesterday we had a team photo shoot at Red Rocks so I didn't make it up to the USCF crit. The wind was crazy though and we were seriously drifting on the team ride afterwards. Again, you are a such a stud.

My no-shows this weekend may actually have been the luckiest thing for me. I was doing intervals today during my normal Cherry Creek lunch ride and feeling great. As I shift up to the big ring to start my second interval my C10 chain snaps at the Permalink. Ride over. Luckily one of my riding buddies went back and got his car and drove me back to my office. I had nearly 5000 miles on this chain and knew it was time for a new one so I even had a spare C10 chain at home ready to put on. Over the past couple rides I started to hear a ticking sound from the drive chain, and it was funny because during the first interval today I actually thought, I think it's the chain.

The good thing is that it didn't happen during a race (like Carter) and that I wasn't sprinting or applying huge power at the time it snapped or in a pack. If this had happened at the Gila stage race I may have been done with the entire race.

I had read all the posts and info about how bad the Permalink was but didn't really think it was an issue since I haven't had any problems with mine. Turns out CT1 isn't a raving anti-Permalink fanatic. He's absolutely right. So the question is do I:

1. Replace chain with new C10 chain using Permalink (I have the Campy tool)
2. Replace chain with new C10 chain and join using the normal chain pin as advocated by CT1 and yourself
3. Replace chain with Wipperman Campy chain

I think I'll go with option 1 as I don't want to try anything new right before the Gila and I know the Permalink will hold for at least a few thousand miles, although now I'm a bit paranoid.

Good work this weekend. Hopefully I'll see you at AST.
I am a raving lunie......... ;)JohnG
Apr 22, 2002 1:06 PM
I'd say you were pretty lucky the way your chain "let go". My PL blew during a 100% hill sprint and the chain jammed in the rear der. In less time than I could think the derailleur was IN THE REAR WHEEL and I was skidding to a scary stop. I wish I had taken a pic of it because it was a real ugly sight.

IMHO, the best solution would be to assemble the chain WITHOUT the PL but others will surely disagree. LFR also does this and so does our local pro shop. This is not rocket science. BTW: the C10 chain is extremely strong and long lived.

On another note: Man you 'guys' have some bad-assed weather back there!!!! You're total studs in my book.

ride on and keep the der out of the rear wheel
nah, I am merely used to the crappy weather drilllonefrontranger
Apr 22, 2002 1:35 PM
Race anywhere in the Midwest for a few springs, you'll get used to it. 70 degrees and balmy one day, hailing the next. Colorado has lightning and wind, but can't hold a candle on the sheer precipitation factor. Also, there's at least a 75% chance it'll be sunny on race day. The spring race series I did in Ohio typically started late February / early March and there was an 85% chance you'd get shat upon by Mother Nature.

Wet, cold weather really makes those skinny little climber types suffer, and the diesel bricks like me manage to motor through the cold and wind with much less difficulty. It's that extra 2" of blubber I carry around with me for insulation :-)

If you want ease of mind with the chain, I'd recommend the Wipperman for now. John and I were discussing switching to these, since Campy recently changed their 10-speed chain procedure in recognition of the fact that their Permalink isn't. I understand this makes their fancy chain tool obsolete. Good thing we never bought one.
K, you're freaking me out nowshirt
Apr 22, 2002 2:26 PM
What's this Wipperman chain and/or link and where can I get it? Do I need a special tool? My C10 chain has less than 2k on it, but now ya'll have me nervous...
New 10spd ChainDream plus
Apr 23, 2002 11:19 AM
I got one of these - It's the cheaper one. There's also a stainless steel model for much more. Comes with a "powerlink". I never did install a Permalink on my Campy chain. It lasted 5K miles. Anyway, so far so good with the Wipperman.
Try the Kool-Stop greensspeedisgood
Apr 22, 2002 2:50 PM
those are the ones for ceramic rims. A guy at my LBS told me about this one. Works semi-decent in the rain, though nothing really works well, IMO (except maybe discs.) Pretty good in the dry and the pads show barely any wear after maybe a year's worth of racing in mixed weather. Much better longevity than standard pads which I've seen get vaporized after one crit.

Surprisingly, the hard, gritty green compound doesn't seem to be tearing up my old-style 303's much, tho I'm slowly seeing some exposed carbon fibers on the braking surface. I wonder if this is normal . . . the wheels are prolly 5 years old.
speedisgood, you doing any Tym Tyler racing this year?lonefrontranger
Apr 22, 2002 3:00 PM
Thanks a lot for the pad info, roger on that. The regular Campy pads on the '01 Zipps were absolutely nada fun going down a steep hairy decent in the rain, and even tho I don't use my brakes much in crits, they are getting smoked pretty fast.

How's that fabulous Ohio spring racing weather treating you? My first ever road race was a TeamCOLUMBUS race in Sugar Grove, and it poured down buckets with ice pellets mixed in. You are right about the GoMart guys, they are ungodly strong. Paul Martin came down and did several of our spring races in '98 and '99, and he is a definite space alien. Will Frischkorn got picked up by Saturn, and was racing here in Boulder a couple weeks ago, so I guess that's one monkey off your back :-) By the way, does Braumberger's bike still sound like a jet plane coming up behind you? My best memories of Braum was that no matter what he rode it made an unholy amount of noise.
No Tym races . . .speedisgood
Apr 22, 2002 6:23 PM
cuz I had to work those weekends or there were some local races: Race at the Lakes in Munroe Falls (south of Stow.)

Can I tell you something about racing in the rain? It really sucks a$$ when 4 of 6 races this year have been cold and wet. Oh Lord, why do I stay in Ohio? Of course, it was sunny and in the 60's-80's all last week! Then it rains and drops into the 30's again for the weekend races. Nice.

In my first race this year, I tried to bridge to one of Braumberger's attacks. Man, that really hurt! I didn't get anywhere and eventually got squirted OTB from the counter attacks. I don't remember the jet plane sound, just a whoosh and then the clicking of gears. And then pain. Lots of pain.

But last year, same race, I attacked and Jeff joined me with 2 other guys. On the 3rd to last lap, Jeff dropped his chain and went back to the field. (Allegedly, he wasn't really in form last spring, I heard his training wasn't super the winter before. Now THIS year, it's a different story.) Paul, of course, then bridged on the 2nd to last lap with James Doyle on his wheel. After the race, James was telling me how Paul just TT'd to the break at about 29 MPH for about a lap (5 miles)! James was like, "Paul didn't even bother looking back at me to pull through. I was just hanging on for dear life." Of course, Paul attacked the break on the penultimate lap and we were left to battle for 2nd.

So you probably know Jim "Phatty" Baldesare, too? He's going really well this year. I hear he's gearing up for nat's so he's putting in the big mileage and it really shows.

Then there's GoMart's OTHER resident nat'l champ, Mike House. Another space freak. Junior cx nat'l champ. Fast. Another one of those selfish types who like to just ride away from you when you've pegged the fun meter.

So, LFR, you gonna get back to your roots for any racing? Too bad Criterium America or the Tour of Ohio or whatever it's called this year doesn't have a women's category (as far as I know.) Maybe the Tour of SE Ohio? That's pretty hellishly hilly stage race from what I hear.
oooo, don't get me started on the Tym vs. women rant...lonefrontranger
Apr 22, 2002 7:32 PM
I did his races because the courses were good hard classic style road races, and for a woman, racing with men is a sure-fire way to either make you dead or faster.

Tym is the whole reason we started our own race promotion entity and just about put him out of business a couple of springs ago. We personally got sick of driving 4 hours out to the middle of nowhere in crappy weather to pay $25 to choose from 2 categories (really fast guys and space aliens) and no prize list. When GoMart started skipping his events to drive 8 and 10 hours to ours, he got kinda pissy. He never held women's races without serious threats and badgering, because he "didn't think they were necessary".

Funny thing about holding women's races. The first year we ran our series, maybe four to six girls showed up on average. Now, after 5 years of consistently holding them, I see the Cincinnati Spring Series regularly has a couple dozen entries in the women's race, which is pretty good for the Midwest. If you build it, they will come...

My friends back home mentioned Mike House was racing there, altho I never knew him personally. I definitely know Jim Baldesare, and "little" Scott, whose last name I can never recall, roomed with us at 'Toona one year. Now THAT race is absolutely the devil.

I gotta tell a funny story on Braumberger. They came up to Wilmington to do our "Circuits d' Soleil" road race one spring when it happened to fall on Easter Sunday. That kind of holiday is typically the kiss of death for a promoter, but we decided to soldier on and make the best of it. The race was held on the roads of my childhood haunts, and the finish line was in front of my mom's house. Being Mom, she went a little overboard and made up some fancy Easter baskets for the winners as part of their haul. I figured the racers would be kinda above all that Martha Stewart stuff, but daggoned if they didn't bleed out their ears to win those chocolate bunnies, and then fought over who got the jelly beans!

We always did a little podium ceremony after the races, and this event was the one that wrapped the series, so the series prizes also got handed out - meaning money and press coverage, meaning all the guys actually stuck around to get their pictures taken. Braum won the Cat 1/2 race that day, plus the overall G.C. I called them all up for the winner's pics, and Braum had already eaten MOST of the stuff in his Easter basket! He looked like quite the guilty little boy standing up there.
Not for newer rims with silica/ceramic braking surfaceBipedZed
Apr 22, 2002 4:01 PM
Straight from Zipp:
Not for newer rims with silica/ceramic braking surfacespeedisgood
Apr 22, 2002 6:31 PM
I wouldn't use the greens for the newer rims either, but I wasn't sure which ones you had.

So are those rims still pretty crappy wet, then? They make it sound like there's no issues once you use Kool-Stop blacks.

I dunno. For my older rims, the blacks just didn't cut it in the wet AND they wore out fast. I've been pretty happy with the greens (except for the constant brake pad swapping), though like I said, the exposed fibers on the rim are getting me thinking.