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CRIT StrategySingleThreaded
Apr 19, 2002 8:58 PM
Help, I was just recruited by a local club to race in a Cit tomorrow morning. Problem is, never seen one and all I was told was 45 minutes and then three laps. I trying to develop my own strategy, but would like to know what the typical scenario of the lead group is when the 45 minutes expire.

What do previous posters mean when they say they they were dropped in the first lap? Are people disqualified if they are lapped? Of course, this will be my first and as such a CAT 5 race, but from what I've been told I should be able to do a lot of damage. Anyone have any quick good advice on leaving the crowd behind? What can you do in the first 45 minutes to thin out riders?

re: CRIT Strategygregdogg62
Apr 20, 2002 10:05 AM
Be ready to go from the gun. Most crits start out very fast. It will be 10-15 minutes before most crits will settle down. Remember that a majority of the pack will be hurting for that first portion and you just have to hang in there. In a crit you are much safer if you ride towards the front, but not at the very front (10 to 15 people). In a cat 5 crit the pack will usually thin ot on its own, as less fit riders drop out. If you do get dropped and lapped they will normally pull you from the race. If there is a pack towards the end of the race people usually get a little nervous and you will se some attacks, the pace will increase and holding your position towards the front will become harder. Positioning is very important at the end of a race if it is a sprint finish. Being your first race, I amsure there will be alot of learning. Good luck and have fun
re: CRIT Strategyflyinbowlofmilk
Apr 21, 2002 4:09 PM
I agree with greggdogg62. They are very fast from the start and don't start at the back. My other advice is to be prepare for attacks and conterattack and surges too. One other piece of advice (speed and endurance will play a major part). Good Luck and enjoy.
AND DON'T CRASH!!!!! nmweiwentg
Apr 21, 2002 5:08 PM
re: CRIT StrategySingleThreaded
Apr 21, 2002 7:48 PM
Well I backed out. Heard too much about CAT 5 Crit crashes and I had too much other stuff going on this weekend requiring my body to be in one piece. I did check it out though and will find the next upcoming race.

From what I saw, the CAT 5 race was very benign. Early season, most guys just wanted to make sure they could hang until the end so there were only a few attacks but nothing sustained, no team stategies just the final sprint in the last 200 yards. Strategy in CAT 5 races must evolve fairly predictively as the season progresses. Just got to stay one step ahead.

Thanks for the help.