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Will Hincapie ever take Paris-Robaix?(5 posts)

Will Hincapie ever take Paris-Robaix?peloton
Apr 19, 2002 5:42 PM
After watching Flanders, Ghent-Welvegem, and Paris-Robaix and watching George's performances I'm wondering if he will take P-R or Flanders in the next few seasons. He obviously has the talent to do so with his fourth at Flanders, 3rd at G-R, and another 6th at P-R. Not to mention the previous classic win at G-R, and his past performances at P-R. This year they say that George is riding with a great deal of confidence, and that seems to be something that was lacking in the past years. He is also still only 28, so he is younger than the riders that usually win these races. I wonder if he will be able to pull it off? What do you guys think? Postal has obviously made a commitment to him this year with more support, even from Armstrong. Is Boonen the leader of the future? Or will he still work for George?
re: Will Hincapie ever take Paris-Robaix?Qubeley
Apr 19, 2002 5:59 PM
Despite what they say, George still doesn't seem confident.
It seems to me that the man is very reluctant to take risk, and is not so strong at the finish. I don't remember him attacking against the odds. Musseuw, Tchimil, Van Petergan, these guys can make move that normal people would consider suicidal, not George. He is strong, can always end up in the strong men's break, but somehow, he seem to be content being in the strong break, and let other take risk(or win).
I certainly hope he can win Ronde or Roubaix, but he needs to learn something from the "Lion". You need to throw away the tactics and just attack like a mad man.
I was so excited and inspired after finding out how Musseuw won the Roubaix, I have decided to be suicidal in group rides and early season races. It make you feel like a hero(or idiot).
re: Will Hincapie ever take Paris-Robaix?peloton
Apr 19, 2002 6:42 PM
Watched Paris-Robaix live on OLN. The Lion of Flanders was pretty inspirational. Can you imagine the feeling of riding away like that in a race of that caliber?
Two thoughtsMcAndrus
Apr 22, 2002 4:15 AM
First, George is several years younger that his more successful opponents in the classics. Museuuw is retiring after this year, Tafi is 35, Tchmil is retiring, and Van Petegem is 32. These are just examples and there are certainly more young contenders maturing just as is George.

Second, someone else made a comment that George may be the next Max Sciandri: a rider of great potential who just can't seem to deliver.

If I were George I would be tempted to be demoralized by all of these near-misses. But he's still relatively young. My guess is that he'll mature tactically and start getting serious wins around the age of 30.

By the way, I'm a great fan of his.
re: Will Hincapie ever take Paris-Robaix?allervite
Apr 22, 2002 12:12 PM
I believe he will take a World Cup if he does not retire. He does need to be more aggressive. I think he is overly cautious in the big races. In the smaller classics he races more agressively and wins. The way he is riding now, the only way he will win is if he has a team mate with him to chase all the breaks and then the race ends up in a small group sprint (and Rodriguez is not there:)