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What are your OwnIndex's (VO2 max)??(22 posts)

What are your OwnIndex's (VO2 max)??Thoth2
Apr 19, 2002 5:54 AM
I've been wondering this for quite a while now, and I figured this would be a good forum in which to get answers.
I have a Polar S210 w/ the whole OwnIndex VO2 max approximation test. What I'd like to know is, how does everybody compare? So, if you've got one, or can get your hands on one (legally), run the Fit Test, and post the results here - also put your relevant stats (age, weight, gender, racing category, etc.) I know that this doesn't have anything to do w/ results, and results are what matters, but I'm just curious. It would be nice to see someone w/ a low number getting good results! YOu might want to throw in a characterization of your racing, like "average, above average, win all the time, suck get the idea...)

I'll start:
Age 30, ht 5' 11", wt, 159 (10lbs more to go!), Cat 4, Own Index score 64, average racer (not usualy in the front at the end, not usually OTFB), 2nd year racing.
re: What are your OwnIndex's (VO2 max)??Troyboy
Apr 19, 2002 7:48 AM
My Own index rating was 55. My actual clinical VO2 Max is 49 mml/kg/hr. I think those are the proper units of measurement.

Avg/above avg. just happy to be out there and in the pack and in the front sometimes, after a crash that nearly mentally made me hang it all up last year.
re: What are your OwnIndex's (VO2 max)??Thoth2
Apr 19, 2002 8:59 AM
Thanks for the reply. I forgot to add: which setting for
"activity" did you have it on. I had mine on the highest setting. It actually makes a difference.
49 vs. 55 is bit more than 10%. The published lit says b/w 6-9%.
PS: I'm so terrified of wrecking man, I can completely sympathize.
re: What are your OwnIndex's (VO2 max)??Troyboy
Apr 19, 2002 10:33 AM
I never rode with any fear. Now I've got it on fast downhills. Don't like it. Once in a blue moon in crits I get a little nerved. Never happened before. Gotta get my sprint legs back. Perhaps by the end of the year.

I've crashed lots, once you do you'll be less worried about it when you find out just how resiliant the body is. My most recent crash was truly freak and involved full bore endoing, therapy and litigation. Sucked.

I believe I put it on the highest as well. I didn't put much stock in it really. Check with some labs in the universities near you. I got gobs of great testing all done for free. It probably would have cost $300-$500 if I'd gone to a high end sports lab around here.
What happened with the Litigation Troyboy?RockyMountainRacer
Apr 19, 2002 10:50 AM
The reason I ask is that I ride to work every day, and have almost been run over by bastards in SUV's on several occassions. This morning for example, some yuppie all hopped up on expresso in his gay little VW decided to blow by me while I was coasting down a hill, then make a right turn right in front of me. I just barely missed the back of his car and slammed by right arm down on his trunk in frustration as I passed. He gave me the finger and kept on going! Grrrrr....

Anyway, that got me thinking about what on earth I'd do if someone in a car ever totally took me down and messed up me and or my bike. How did you handle the situation and what exactly happened?
What happened with the Litigation Troyboy?Thoth2
Apr 19, 2002 11:09 AM
That sucks. I'm thinking about starting to ride to work when I move to DC. There's very little to worry about where I live now except hillbilly's dogs trying to eat me. That's what pepper spray is for.
I'm thinking about riding around w/ a shirt that says: I'm and Attorney, hit me at your own risk."
That ought to make 'em think twice. Or make me get hit more often.
You're never safe anywhere anyway, I heard of a guy in NC last year who dumped it on his rollers in his living room, resulting in him crashing through his glass coffee table. He bled to death.

BTW: RMR, now that you've replied, you have a moral obligation to post your OwnIndex! ;->

details on roller crashDuane Gran
Apr 19, 2002 12:20 PM

There is a chance that this story about the rollers happened in two separate places, but I'm familiar with the story itself. The guy raced for NCVC (most likely the source of the location confusion) and lived in Maryland just around DC. The rest of the story is correct though. It was a very unfortunate accident.
details on roller crashThoth2
Apr 19, 2002 12:25 PM
Same story. I just assumed the NCVC meant he lived in NC. I heard the story right after the crit at Lenoir-Rhyne College in Hickory, NC last year. I haven't touched my rollers since (even though I have nothing glass in my house except the windows.)
NCVC: National Capitol Velo Club, D.C.James Curry
Apr 19, 2002 12:47 PM
No, that was in D.C. Very sad because he had a 4 year old son. There was a Century in his honor open for donations and I think there might be a race this year also in his honor. He was a well known rider in and around the D.C. area and will be missed very much. If you want to make any donations, look up NCVC's web-site and email Bruce.
What happened with the Litigation Troyboy?Troyboy
Apr 19, 2002 11:24 AM
It was a freak mechanical at a bad time. I really can't say more than that. The manufacturer was reasonable about it.

I hear ya regarding cars. Where I'm at you'd be nuts to commute. I would like to have that option. Where I'm at, road riding is done in groups. I rarely go out of the house and get on my rig solo.

Be careful out there!
Apr 19, 2002 11:51 AM
I shouldn't actually complain too much because I live in Denver which is actually a great city for biking. There are miles and miles of paved bike trails that aren't even next to the roads in most places--they go along the Platte river and all the little Creeks and Canals that come out of it. Also the roads I take to work (and many others in the city) have their own bike lanes. This is great, but the only big problem is the bastards in cars who use the bike lane as either a passing lane and/or right turn lane and don't seem to give a damn about killing you.

But it is plenty safe to go out on the bike trails alone--I only train in a group on the weekends. A scary place to ride alone is certain parts of Colorado Springs where I was for the last four years for college. I worked in a bike shop down there with a crazy guy who used to ride for the Junior National team untill a bad crash in the Garden of the Gods wrecked his knee and left scars on his face which he elected to not do anything about because he thinks they make him look "cool"! Anyway, there are tons of roadies down there but they all ride in groups due to the redneck and gangbanger factor. This guys I worked with preferred to ride alone, but after getting screwed with enough times he started riding with his Beretta 9mm over his tight bike jersey in a shoulder holster! He carried his pistol permit with him and said it was legal because the weapon was not concealed and was there for everyone to see. I don't know if I can condone this sort of activity, but needless to say not a single motorist said a word to him once he started carrying the gun!
Apr 19, 2002 12:14 PM
Eeeek! That sounds pretty crazy. Nothing like that here. It's just the traffic congestion that leads me to group riding almost exclusively. My training involves driving somewhere that specifically safer.

Seeya. Good luck Sunday.
re: What are your OwnIndex's (VO2 max)??weiwentg
Apr 19, 2002 11:51 AM
pre accident: own index 61. college cat C racer, age 21, 5'5", 120 pounds or so soaking wet. resting heart rate around 55.
my stuffDuane Gran
Apr 19, 2002 12:12 PM
I think the number is high, but my latest reading is 73. I'm 28, 6' (183cm) at about 147 lbs (68kg) and my resting heart rate in the morning is typically 40 bpm. I race category 4 and my limiter is much more strength related than cardio related.
my stuffThoth2
Apr 19, 2002 12:23 PM
Whoa! That's a nice number.
I forgot to add that my resting HR is between 47 and 57 depending on the previous day's effort. If it was really tough, then its in the 60's.
Alrighty, thenjw25
Apr 19, 2002 3:16 PM
Age - 26, height 5'9", 145 lbs (goes between 140 and 150 depending on training), cat 5 (but Expert off-road)
My latest OwnIndex is 58, with activity set to High. My max. HR is 204, resting is around 50-55.
As for racing, there's such a difference between road and mountain, I'm still learning not to waste energy on my own. That's what cat. 5's for, right?
First race of the season is sunday, so we'll see.
Polar still hasn't sent me my 710jim hubbard
Apr 20, 2002 3:53 PM
I have lab results

Height 1.69
Weight 67kg
Peak power 501
Power/weight ratio 7.5
Maximum HR 196
VO2 max (l.min-1) 5.43
VO2max( 76.8

The number you guys are quoting seem to be equivalent to the last value. These result are about 6 months old so some retesting is needed. O I am 25 years old and if I raced in the States I would be Pro/Cat1.
76.8 is unholy!!!!!weiwentg
Apr 21, 2002 5:11 PM
but yes, polar's literature implies that the ownindex is supposed to be your approximate vo2max. you hafta do the test :)
Polar still hasn't sent me my 710Thoth2
Apr 22, 2002 4:41 AM
Geez! That's huge. I'm glad you're not a Cat 4...
Once you get your 710, run the fit test and compare the results. Are you getting the power thingy too?
Activity LevelThoth2
Apr 22, 2002 4:46 AM
High activity level, is that the highest setting? I can't remember- I haven't done a fit test in about a month.
I think I remarked b/4, but the settings really make a difference: if you do it again on "highest" or whatever, I'll bet you get 64-68. That's what makes me wonder about the accuracy of the thing - it clearly puts you in a matrix of possible results based on your activity level rather than being an absolute measure like a clinical V02 max expired gas test. Well, its nice to have something to measure fitness w/ that isn't a 6k all out TT!
Good luck racing.
re: What are your OwnIndex's (VO2 max)??werdna
Apr 22, 2002 6:16 PM
Age 19. 6'1". 160 lbs. Cat 5. Own Index Score of 71. I put the highest activity level. My resting heart rate is in the 40's. I also race collegiate category B.

re: What are your OwnIndex's (VO2 max)??yfoiler
Apr 23, 2002 1:59 AM
I just got the Polar S-710 and have only run one fitness test.
Stats: Age 53, ht 5' 11", wt. 170 lbs ,12 lbs over my fighting weight for Cat 5 (or masters when I want my butt kicked)
S-710 set on highest activity, Own Index 54, resting heart rate 42 bpm, max heart rate 185 (measured).