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I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!(4 posts)

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!BigLeadOutGuy
Apr 18, 2002 5:15 PM
Hey everyone
My comp crashed and I needed to get a new one...and now I am back! yay!
what did I miss?
How did everyone do this past weekend?
Fill me in!!!!!
I think the burning question is...lonefrontranger
Apr 19, 2002 4:50 AM
How did YOU do this past weekend? It's good to see your smiley face back on the board BLG!

Saturday's race was on a course I comprehensively despise; an open, unsheltered loop around some ballfields, the railyard, town dump and gravel pit. This excessively scenic venue also has an ugly headwind climb right after corner #1. The climb has 2 crests, so you have to be able to follow all the optimistic types who attack up the first steep bit, recover on the short flattish spot going into a headwind, then hang on to all the smart ones who counterattack through corner #2 and over the top. This gets old after umpty-ump laps. The rest of the course is wide open, with big sweeping corners and nowhere to hide from either the wind or a chase.

I spent 30 minutes of a 40 minute crit hauling my teammate up to endless breaks to nowhere. At 5 to go, they rang 2 consecutive prime laps. After the first prime there was a hot flurry of counterattacks, and I stashed her safely in the decisive breakaway of 5 (or so I thought). I took the second prime because I was completely blown and about to get dropped the next time up the hill, so I figured I'd at least get paid to fall off the back, right?

The breakaway threw in the towel a lap or so after the second prime, and I was too far gone at that point to make my way back. She did well in the final (3rd) and won some goodies and cash, which is all we were looking for, but it irks me now that I wasn't there to lead her out. It was her first race back after 4 years off, and she's training strong, so this was a good confidence builder.
It rained ALL weekendspeedisgood
Apr 19, 2002 5:33 AM
At least it rained while we were racing :/

My form is starting to get on track, as is my tactical awareness. I finished in the top 10 in both races (Cat. 1-3 fields) and basically blocked in the field while my 2 flying teammates (Tom and Tris) were duking it out with the Go Mart team.

The Sat. race was a crit on a closed 1.1 mile loop. Two sweeping left handers, a small rise followed by a 100 yd. gradual incline, and a 90 degree right-chicane-90 degreee left to a slight uphill 200 m sprint to the line. We got one of our guys up in the break early but Go Mart team tactics got to him eventually and he blew a few laps before the finish. He finished 3rd. I hung in for 4th in the sprint. Partially at fault was my tactics--got to that right hander in the first position (and had to sprint downhill to get there) and 4 guys went past me in the chicane. Whoops! I passed 2 in the sprint but got nipped by someone at the line. Not great but it's getting there.

Now Sunday . . . this was a 35 mile RR with a couple minor rises, nothing big enough to cause a selection. Again, we got a man up in the break and I was back blocking for him. After 4 laps, it was all about just finshing the race for me. Everything was stiff--legs, arms, neck, you name it. The finish is this long straight, maybe 1.5-2 miles long, which is a false flat up the first third, false flat down the middle, and a false flat up again with slightly more grade about 50 m before the finish.

No one wanted to lead it out so I just tucked in close to the front for the ride and watched for the inevitable attack. Nothing happened till the slight downhill in the middle section and a couple dudes in front of me started pulling a little harder. At the 400 m mark or so, one of the better sprinters in the area jumped in an attack-sprint, with no one reacting. I thought he would die at the end and we'd catch him if the guys in front of me kept pulling. Well, they died before we caught the attacker and I went around the guys in front with about 200 m left and just upped the pace while staying in the saddle. I stood and sprinted for all I was worth (not much at the time) with 100 left, didn't get the attacker, and got nipped at the line for 10th. Bah!

Check out the race recaps at our team website:
Another weekend, another critBipedZed
Apr 19, 2002 6:05 AM
I rode around in a 1 mile circle with 60 other guys for 50 minutes. Then I went home.

After doing the same course 3 times in the past 4 weekends I was tired of the Stazio course, but wanted to see what a Cat 3 field was like. The speeds are about the same (28mph average both weekends) between the lead 4s and the 3s. Biggest difference between a 4 and 3 field is that by the end of a 4 race there are only about 10 guys left in contention, while in a 3 race there are 50. Pack positioning becomes crucial with 2 laps to go. Also 3s hold their line in corners which is very welcome change.

My race was non-eventful as I was riding conservatively just to get a feel for the 3s. My only moment of glory was with 5 laps to go I jumped to the front after the hill and led for half a lap. A stupid move actually because I was right into a headwind and the field was content to let me plow for them. That's another big difference, 3s are much smarter and I'm still pretty dumb when it comes to racing. Ended up finishing safely in the pack.