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Hill Repeatshrv
Apr 17, 2002 8:37 AM
Is there anything to gain by doing hill repeats on 15% or greater hills? Don't think I'll be racing on something that steep anytime soon, so is it worth it, as in will it make the less steep hills that much easier? On the one hill I'm thinking of the actual very steep part is only about the last 100 feet or so, but any longer and I might die anyways!

Right now, this hill puts me in as close to max hr as I care to be. Would it be better to do repeats on longer, more gradual hills? Does anyone here do repeats on these types of hills, and how often?

Apr 17, 2002 9:22 AM
A lot depends upon the length of the hill, you, and the gearing you are using.

If you are doing 15% in a 39x21, that's pretty much strength work. If you are using a 39x29, then you are probably spinning up, if it's a fairly short hill.

The purpose of intervals is to get your hr up, recover, and then over and over. I've found that standing hard out of the saddle on steep hills is more of a muscle workout than a cardio workout.

So, you can effectively make any hill more or less steep with gearing. Try a 2% hill in your 53x11 -- it will seem just as steep as that 15% hill in something like a 39x21.

I think the main purposes of riding really steep hills are building confidence for steep hills; muscle/strength workouts; technique; and pure fun.

I mainly do steep ones for strength, using gearing that requires me to stand the whole way, with rpms maybe down to 50.
Apr 17, 2002 12:13 PM
You pretty much covered it. I can add that seated climbing will build leg stength quicker while standing develops the upper body and the legs too.

And as you said, you can make any hill as steep as you want with gearing. Same goes for the type of workout. Try those standing intervals in a low gear with a fast spin and they'll take you to the red line quicker than anything.