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Good weekend racing, here's my raceThe General
Apr 15, 2002 11:25 AM
Despite the cancelation of the Tour Of Willamette, of which I was so looking forward to, it was a good weekend all around.

I am still new to road racing, on my second year with last year consisting of 3 races done as training for some MTBing. I am a ultra-endurance rider, competing in events such as the Cascade Cream Puff 100, a 100 mile mtb race with 18,000' of climbing. for anyone intereseted. I started out this year on a new team that is mostly masters, which has worked out good for experience. I race cat 4 and will remain there until next year when I will start doing more road races. As to this year it is still used as training for the long stuff but I have been doing more.

We had the Eugene Cycling Weekend this past weekend and here is my account of how the cat 3/4/5 race's went.

Stage 1: Nate and I were the only EWEB Windpower riders in the 3/4/5 race. Saturday morning I awoke to pouring down rain but warm temps which was fine with me. As I pulled into the race there didn't seem to be as big of crowds as there were in the northern races. Got signed in and went to get ready as I was walking back across the parking lot is when I heard a couple of teams talking about EWEB Windpower. They were talking about how hard we work and if they weren't careful we would get away.
We started in pouring down rain to a crowd of about 10-15 people cheering us off. The pace was pretty mild, one guy from Team Oregon got off the front on lap one and we let him go for a while. It came back together on the start of lap 3 for a lap and we were just cruising around the other side. The pace was so casual most of us were chatting amongst each other. A couple of guys decide we had been going to slow for to long and decided to pick up the pace. Lap 4 was fast but stayed together. On lap 5 the same Team Oregon rider and another guy attempted a break on the hill going up the dam. I tried to go with them but got boxed in about half way up the climb. The pack just let them go and they road off, the back side being windy I was hoping to try and bridge up to them on the next roller. I wasn't the only one and when I went so did the pack. I wasn't going to pull everyone up there so I backed off and let the two ride away. Lakeside and hutches took up a moderate chase and caught the pack just past the start area on the last lap. At this point it seemed we were going to stay together. I tried a couple of short attacks but kept getting marked, weird thing was that a couple of other guys were let go several times but Nate and I were being watched and no one was going to let us go. On the back side of the lake we got regulated by the 1/2/3's as Sam Swartz (cat 4 a month ago)from Hutches went by with about a 45-50 second lead over the field. It brought the entire group together and we road moderately into finish.
I decided to try and put Nate into a good spot for a placing and figured on getting the same time as the rest of the field. We picked up the pace and flew into the finish as a group. Nate and I went up the left hand side of the road. Nate came around at the right time only to get bumped as the right hand side flowed into the finish. Nate took 6th and I took 18th. Lot's of fun and good race, this was my second ever sprint finish and I learned quite a bit.

Stage 2: The TT in the afternoon would be my first TT ever and I had no idea what to expect. It seemed to go real fast as we were sent off 30 seconds apart. I went out a little to hard and slowed down towards the far end of the course. I was able to recover enough to come in at 16th just out side of the top 15.

Stage 3: This being my first ever stage type race I wasn't sure how I would feel on Sunday. I woke up feeling okay but had heavy legs. Going over to Scott's to watch Paris Roubaix would defiantly be a boost to the energy/adrenaline levels. That was great, thanks to Scott and Family for letting us invade your home at 5:30am. Bummer about Hincape but it wa
Why do I even bother thinking about racing?hrv
Apr 15, 2002 1:49 PM
Just to go up against guys like you who probably have a fitness base off the charts?

What happened on stage 3? Sounds like you gained great experience from this race.

I haven't raced yet. This week or next will be my first: the Tuesday night PIR series. Looking forward to May when I'll go to Alpenrose for track instruction/riding.

By the way, if you have anything left after the puff100, the
Oregon Road Championships are August 4 and the race is scheduled to be in Parkdale, which is real close to where I live. I'm going to pre-ride the course this week. Be glad to share the details if you or anyone else is interested.

The rest of stage 3-The General-
Apr 15, 2002 8:02 PM
Stage 3: This being my first ever stage type race I wasn't sure how I would
feel on Sunday. I woke up feeling okay but had heavy legs. Going over to
Scott's to watch Paris Roubaix would defiantly be a boost to the
energy/adrenaline levels. That was great, thanks to Scott and Family for
letting us invade your home at 5:30am. Bummer about Hincape but it was still
a great race. Nate and I started at 10:10am while the rest of our team had
an extra 2hrs to rest and relax so we split right after the race ended at
8:30. The sun decide to come out during the morning to treat us to what
would be a good day. When Nate and I got to the School I noticed there were
a few more racers then the day before, some guys with fresh legs. We spent
some time getting warmed up and chatted about how the day might go, Nate
really thought this course might be a good one for me with the climbs on it.
The first lap was pretty fast as a couple guys hopped off the front right
away, the second lap was pretty mellow with no-one really breaking away. We
had reduced the pack from about 40 riders down to about 25 with the climbs.
On the end of the 2nd lap I set the pace going up the last climb, no-one
wanted to come around so I just slowed it down to about 10 mph and every one
stayed behind me. At the top a few guys had enough of the slow stuff and
jumped the last 100 yards bring the entire pack over the hill. We stayed
together on descent and on the flat going into the 1st climb on lap 3. One
guy decided to ride off the front and the peleton let him go over the hill,
keeping the guy in sight the whole time. He finally made a little jump on
the back side of the course and got off the front by about 30 seconds. As we
came to little rollers before the hill to the finish I found myself on the
front controlling the pace. Before the race I ran into Kevin, the South
Eugene High school kid who has been doing some rides with us. We warmed up a
little before hand waiting for the start and I told him to try and remain
calm and don't try and chase down all the breaks. Watch for me or Nate to go
in a break and if he could go with us go for it, he is a fairly strong
climber and I figured he would be good to have in a break away. Well as I
was in the front I looked back and there was Kevin on my wheel, I picked up
the pace a little and we started to ride away. Once guy countered and we
marked him as the pack came back together, then Kevin and I were in the
front again. This time we kept up the pace and the pack just let us go up
about 150-200 feet. I looked back and noticed everyone was just cruising
getting ready for the climb up to the finish. I looked at Kevin and said
let's go, we set a pretty good pace up the climb taking turns at the front.
As we rounded the corner up by the finish we were 20 secs behind the lone
leader and about 30 secs in front of the pack with no-one really chasing. We
hammered down hill and up the flat section, as we were going up the first
climb the leader had slowed to wait for us. Kevin asked me if we had a
chance and I replied, if we work together with this other guy we do, keep a
steady pace, work hard and let's stick together. He was hurting but willing
to go for it. We caught the leader at the bottom of the descent and he was
feeling refreshed after waiting for us. He was willing to work and we
started motoring along in a rotating pace line, at the base of the climb to
the finish we had a 1:15 gap on the field. I set the pace up the climb to
keep Kevin and the Gentle Lovers rider (Ryan) with me, we crested the top
and hammered down hill. At the base of the first climb on lap 5 we could see
the peleton charging, I got them to the top and the peleton looked to be
about 20-30 seconds back. I took a short break as Kevin and Ryan worked to
hold the pace. We hit the bottom of the hill and made the turn onto the back
road and started putting time
Let's try some more,-The General-
Apr 15, 2002 8:04 PM
We hit the bottom of the hill and made the turn onto the back
road and started putting time on the peleton again. The motor cycle could
not give us a time because he had lost contact with follow car. We were
flying along when Ryan came up next to me and said, I only want third and I
will work as hard as I can on the flat's if you can pull on the climb. Kevin
was hammered, I was hammered but if we didn't work together the 2 lap break
away and all that hard work would be for nothing. I told Kevin to get up and
work with Ryan and let me rest for a second and I would pull up the climb.
Kevin had taken 10th in the Sat road race and had the only points so I used
that info and told him he could have 1st if he worked as hard as he could.
He worked hard as did Ryan, I sat in for about a mile and when the hill it I
pulled up and set a good pace up to the line. Keeping my word I let Kevin
edge forward at the finish for 1st, I took 2nd and Ryan took 3rd. 20 seconds
later 5-8 riders came charging across the line, they were working hard and
rely broke the group up trying to catch us. Kevin did a good job and
deserved 1st as much as myself and Ryan, his placing put him into 4th in the
GC and I took 9th, Ryan ended up 12th. The 3 of us worked hard together and
were able to hold the peleton off for 2 complete laps, it was the first
break I have been in were the riders worked together, it felt good to cross
the line with Kevin and Ryan after being away and working so hard.
I spent the entire time talking to Kevin and Ryan getting them to keep up
the pace, we communicated and worked well together, which seemed to help the
break. The past couple I have been in no-one wanted to work together and the
energy spent getting away was wasted. It felt like some good road racing,
the kind that keeps you coming back for more.

Good job to the entire EWEB Windpower team, we really are a great team.
that was weird-The General-
Apr 15, 2002 8:07 PM
It took 3 post to get that story in, I guess I need to cut back on story telling.

Hey HRV, you got to get out here and go for it. I have to admit the first few are intimidating but after about 3-4 races it becomes more fun. Racing with a team is a blast and getting to know the other racers also helps.

See you soon,
Good jobRoger2
Apr 16, 2002 6:04 AM
Richard, nice write up. I think they installed some kind of character limit for a post. I think everyone's having to cut up their write ups into multiple posts.

See ya at Lemurian!